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Rhinoplasty. Clicking Inside of the Nose Tip..

3 month ago I had an open reduction rhinoplasty of tip and bridge. Now, the tip of nose is still big and looks high, and I notice that when I push... READ MORE

Last Night Whilst Yawning (Gently) my Nose Clicked? I Am 5 Days Post Open Rhinoplasty and Still Have my Cast on.

My nose used to hurt whenever I smiled a little or yawned but now, since it made that click, it feels fine. I had open rhinoplasty which mostly... READ MORE

Nose Makes Strange Clicking Noise when I Eat, Is This Normal?

I had surgery Aug/10/12 so it's been over a year My doctor told me my healing could take up to 2 years , I have pretty thick skin and my nose area... READ MORE

What is causing the clicking problem? Is it my columella strut?

I have been having clicking problems with my columella strut and my surgeon came to a final conclusion after 6 months post op that is is slightly too... READ MORE

I Appear to Have a 'Button' Near the Tip of my Nose That Affects the Airflow Between my Nostrils. I'm Guessing That's Not Normal

Suffering a number of issues with my nose, including chronic congestion, heavy sneezing and waking up in most mornings with severe headaches. Last... READ MORE

I hit my nose against a friend's head while swimming. How can I know if I have a broken nose?

I was swimming with my friend and he was right underneath me while I was doing laps. As I flipped to go the other direction I bashed my nose onto his... READ MORE

Clicking after rhinoplasty.

I have a columella the strut placed for increased tip projection 2 months ago. when I smile or push on my lip, I can feel it click. I know this is... READ MORE

9 days PO, nephew headbutted me & I heard low click sound from nose. Is this normal?

I had a SeptoRhinoplasty done 9 days ago, and my antsy 2 yr old nephew head butted me & I heard a low 'click' sound from my nose. There was no... READ MORE

TERRIBLE pain after rhinoplasty.

I am 3 weeks postop. Rhino included hump removal alar base reduction narrowing bone and tip and septoplasy. Recovery went great until day 11. I get... READ MORE

Spreader graft not doing its job?

I had an septorhinoplasty back in 2013 for a nose injury which left the side of my nose dented and left me with constant breathing problems and a... READ MORE

7 days post-op. I felt and heard a very slight click on the right side below the bridge. Is this any reason for concern?

I had septoplasty + rhinoplasty seven days ago. My cast was removed yesterday and now it is just taped. I have been scratching the OUTSIDE of my nose... READ MORE

Was head butted by my drunk aunt Christmas eve 14', and punched by my (now) ex a couple months later, my nose is broken. (photo)

The tip, I can move it, feel the bones or cartilage, whatever it is exactly moving around I can hear it clicking . And the top part of my nose, just... READ MORE

Follow up - Nose locking into place uncomfortable and clicks

Hey guys just see all links to understand my question. Basically after second surgery nose locks up and clicks. My surgeon said graft or columella... READ MORE

Six months post op nose clicking. Is that normal?

I'm six months post-op and when I touch my nose the cartilage makes a clicking sound. Is that normal? READ MORE

Rhinoplasty. Why is it clicking after six weeks?

Hello. I need some opinions. I had a columella graft that needed to be fixed. It was clicking and went down to the nasal spine. I got a surgeon who... READ MORE

3 questions about rhinoplasty struts

My columella strut was put to the nasal spine and gives me many problems like clicking ect... question 1 Why would a surgeon ever put a columella... READ MORE

Strut question not answered accordingly?

My columella strut was put to the nasal spine and gives me many problems like clicking ect... question 1 Why would a surgeon ever put a columella... READ MORE

Strut problem and confused with anatomy

Doctors I am a little confused and and need insight. I have a columella strut that is a little long I assume and it makes clicking sounds. Also when I... READ MORE

There is a bump on one side of my nose after an osteotomy & now under pressure I feel/hear a clicking sound. Suggestion? (photo)

I had rhinoplasty, grafts and an osteotomy, done 4 months ago. One month in, I noticed that the right side of my nose was wider than the left. It... READ MORE

Clicking or popping sound in lower lateral cartilage after nasal fracture. Any suggestions? (photos)

Mva caused feacture, and closed reduction was performed 6 days after the initial injury. Other than small irregularities of the fracture site on the... READ MORE

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