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Rasping a Residual Bump, What to Expect?

Hello,I am currently 6 months post op,and almost all of my swelling has gone down.I'm starting to notice a tiiny bump where my old big bump used... READ MORE

Can I Have the Bridge Rasped Without Anesthesia? Would Be 2nd Time.

I just can't ask family members to drive me home yet again! I had the bump on my nose from the broken bone, build up after the initial rhinoplasty. I... READ MORE

Can You Rasp Nose After Ear Cartilage Has Been Placed on Profile?

I had a revision rhinoplasty with ear cartilage added to profile and the length extended to correct all the irregularities. It has been 12 days since... READ MORE

Rasping Recovery After Revision Rhino?

In getting a rhino revision to rasp down bumps on both right and kleft side of nose. what can I expect for recovery? No broken bones, ust rasping READ MORE

Dorsal Hump Still Visible 1 Year After Rhino, Would Rasping it Down Again be Cheaper than a Full Nose Job?

I had a nose job about a year ago to get rid of a dorsal hump.The nose was broken and taken in a bit and the hump was rasped down.Today the hump,... READ MORE

Would revision rasping of my nasal bone make me worse off? Is it a risk? (Photo)

I want to rasp this prominent dorsum. Im afraid it would collapse or id be worse off. I knowy surgeon skilled. However what are risks and hows the... READ MORE

Bump on bridge of nose from cartilage graft. Is it possible to shave or rasp this down? (Photo)

Hi doctors I had revision rhinoplasty one month ago to refine nasal tip and add fullness to the right side of the nasal bridge. I believe the swelling... READ MORE

Can Side Bones Be Rasped or Moved Inward?

I was wondering if the side bones (the lowere ones --I think it is the ascending maxilla?) can be "rasped" down or moved inward if they are... READ MORE

Bump 2 Years After Closed Rhinoplasty?

I had rhinoplasty surgery on June 1st 2011 so remove a hump on the bridge of my nose. About 4 months into the healing a bump formed on the bridge. I... READ MORE

6 months post op, I have radix rasping. Any suggestions? (photos)

Today I explained that I was unappy with tip projection and high radix. He said he would not deproject my nose or shave cartildge because i have... READ MORE

Raised bone after revision rhinoplasty rasping for bump on bridge of nose. What should I do?

I had some rasping done on the bridge of my nose for a small bump. After the cast came off the area seemed to swell a little more and now it seems as... READ MORE

Bridge of nose needs shaved down more. Will I need to have another procedure?

It's been almost a year since my rhinoplasty. At my 6 month post op, my doctor told me that he needs to rasp the bone on my bridge that has formed... READ MORE

Do I only need rasping? (Photo)

My dr said I just need to be put under for rasping of the two bumps on the bridge of my nose? I didn't have any tip work done cuz I wanted it to b... READ MORE

9 months post-op of 2nd rhinoplasty. My dr completely botched my nose and I have lost all confidence. What can be done? (photos)

Mainly,I wanted the surgery because I couldn't breathe through my left nostril.I wanted this fixed, as well as my nose straightened,primarily the tip,... READ MORE

Is revision rhinoplasty always harder?

I only had bridge rasping in my primary and found the results undewhelming. I'm looking for osteotomies in the revision. In cases like this would the... READ MORE

Revision rhinoplasty - rasping - is it risky? (Photo)

I had an open rhino around 5 years ago and have been happy with the results apart from a bony hump reappearing on the bridge (on the right side,... READ MORE

My PS Pressed on my Dorsal Bridge After Cast Removal?

I had a revision septorhinoplasty, with a lot of rasping done on my dorsal bridge. Immediately after internal splint/ cast removal, my PS pressed down... READ MORE

4 weeks post op rev rhino. Nose is so crooked! Dr says it's swelling & to massage it.Does this look like normal swelling?(photo)

All he did was rasp the sides of nose to make it more narrow and rasp/scoop the nose. I'm trying to be patient but am worried I'm going to need a... READ MORE

I had a revision nasal bone rasping with osteomy 9 days ago. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had a revision nasal bone rasping with osteomy 9 days ago. The dr told me i should do compression excercises over the sidewalls. I feel like one... READ MORE

Can DCF grafts be removed with the nose returning to the initial shape?

Dear docs, Had a revision rhino 1 month ago with a DCF graft put in to correct a scooped (but otherwise pretty) nose after 1st rhino. Now the nose is... READ MORE

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