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Lump on Side of Nose After Revision Rhinoplasty. Is It Swelling or Cartilage Shifting Due to Trauma?

4 weeks ago i had my second revision rhinoplasty and a septoplasty. I have a lump running down the side of my nose. The night before i was to have my... READ MORE

Advice on Possible Revision Rhinoplasty. What Now? (photo)

These photos are 10 months post op. At the time, nose was supposedly straightened, bridge hump rasped. Cartilage removed from some area to shorten it... READ MORE

I Had Revision Rhinoplasty 7 Months Ago with Ear Cartilage Grafts and my Nose is Lumpy Will This Go?

I had revision rhinoplasty 7 months ago with ear cartilage grafts to re-build a collapsed right side and tip. I very frustrated because my nose is not... READ MORE

Post-op Scare - Need Advice & Opinion Please (7 Weeks Post-op)

Hello, I am very concerned about the health and healing of my nose and would appreciate expert advice please? I'm 7 weeks post-op; this was a... READ MORE

Will this divot go away? (photos)

I got a revision rhinoplasty and so far I am 100% unhappy. I'm about 2 months out of surgery and as the swelling is going down lumps and bumps are... READ MORE

Post rhinoplasy/septioplasty bruising. Is it normal? (photo)

I had surgery 4 weeks ago and the left side of my nose seems to have a large lump that's making the nose look uneven. I had osteotomies done as well.... READ MORE

Could a revision help me achieve the look of my after photo in my morphs? (Photo)

I have a hard lump on the left side of my nose above my nostril, which doesn't seem to be going away. Could this lump be scar tissue of some kind, it... READ MORE

How Soon After Revision Rhinoplasty Can I Have Another Operation to Fix Cartilage Issue?

Had Revision Rhino and Septoplasty a month ago. I now have a huge lump of scrunched-up cartilage running alongside the middle third of my bridge. That... READ MORE

Possible Revision Due to Graft Lump on Side of Nose?

If my surgeon d revision to fix a bump from a graft or existing cartilage on the side of my nose, what can I typically expect regarding the procedure... READ MORE

Should a Revision Rhinoplasty Be Done?

I had my rhinoplasty almost 18 months ago, I am really happy with it but have asked my surgeon if he would consider a corrective procedure as one side... READ MORE

Terrible rhinoplasty results. Do I have multiple deformities that can only be fixed by a revision? (photos)

I'm just over 2 mths post op and I am unhappy with my result. I appreciate I'm still healing and final results can take up to a year as I have thick... READ MORE

What permanent solution to a minor imperfection after revision rhinoplasty would you suggest?

I had my revision nose job done one year ago.Most part im satisfied but the only thing I don't like is that I have minor skin discoloration on the... READ MORE

4 month post op. Will I require a revision? (photos)

Asymmetrical tip, lumpy bridge on one side, high bridge, nose tip looks round profile view, and tip looks pinched. Could this be swelling? Will it... READ MORE

Will I be left with a bulging lump of cartilage on one side of my tip? What is the best way to rectify the issue? (photo)

Tip-plasty. After revision rhinoplasty I was left with a visible depression on one side. This becomes less visible when my skin is tight. The... READ MORE

Would revision help? Please help me with advice. I'm totally dissatisfied and starting to feel very down about it. (photos)

I had rhinoplasty 5 months ago. First two pictures are before surgery. My nose was big and crooked but now the nostrils and the tip are leaning more... READ MORE

Scar tissue and Kenalog injections. Does this mean that I may need a revision ?

It has been 10 months since my Rhinoplasty and I have a lump on the side of my nose. I have had 3 Kenalog injections which have helped some but not... READ MORE

Original rhinoplasty procedure with an ear graft: won't this make a revision more complicated & less likely have a good result?

About 13 mos ago I had rhinoplasty to remove a large hump my bridge. The procedure included an ear graft . After all the swelling has gone down I have... READ MORE

Is my nose slightly twisted or has a c shape deformity or s shaped deformity? (Photo)

It's been nearly 7 weeks since my revision rhinoplasty. On the left upper part of my nose and above my left eye it looks c shaped concave, then there... READ MORE

Visible lump in nostril 8 day post op. Can it be fixed and if so how? (Photo)

I had my second revision rhinoplasty (had my nose rebuilt with septum and ear cartilage) Dec 2nd 2014. (excellent Dr) Other two rhinos were two other... READ MORE

Should I consider a second Revision Rhinoplasty (a 3rd Nose job)? (photos)

Hi,I had a 1st rhinoplasty which didn't turn out great one year and 4 months ago so I decided to get revision to correct the issues and make it... READ MORE

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