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Revision Rhinoplasty - Will Flatness / Indentation at Infratip at Columella Smooth Out? (photo)

I had revision rhinoplasty on 10/5/11 (1st surgery 5/4/10) to correct and refine my tip. I understand my nose is still swollen and it will be swollen... READ MORE

When Will Supra Tip Swelling Subside and Why Does This Area Seem to Hold Swelling?

After having a revision rhinoplasty 2 months ago, I thought swelling would be almost gone. However, the supra-tip continues to swell as the day passes... READ MORE

What Can I Do About Right Alar Notch?

I had a revision rhinoplasty about ten weeks ago. The only problem is my nostrils are very uneven. The right nostril is very notched and arched giving... READ MORE

Tip Rhinoplasty Nightmare, What Can I Do? (photo)

Just want experts opinion as to what went wrong with my rhinoplasty. I only had one, but am assuming I need a revison. Im only 2 months post op &... READ MORE

Asymmetrical Swelling 2 Months Post Op Rhinoplasty?

Had a rhinoplasty in mexico in mid-July 2012 for the tip and septum in which I was butchered. 2 months later (mid-september) I went to an rhinoplasty... READ MORE

One Sided Inverted V Deformity? or Full Inverted V Deformity? (photo)

I had revision rhino.2 months ago. My Dr only did a spreader graft on my left side for collapsed cartilage. Do the first 2 pics (before surgery... READ MORE

Unhappy With Naso-labial Angle Post Rhinoplasty. Would a Revision or Chin Implant Be My Best Bet To Correct This Look? (photo)

I had rhinoplasty 2 months ago. The naso-labial angle is well above 90-95 degrees. I attached before and after images. If it does not come down... READ MORE

Alloderm for Rhinoplasty?

Hello, I had a revision rhinoplasty done 2 months ago. First surgeon bascially broke the cartilage at the tip of my nose and tried to rebuild my tip... READ MORE

Discoloration or bruising on nose bridge after rhinoplasty?

I had my revision rhinoplasty about 2 and half months ago.I initially had some bruising under the eyes and on my nose bridge. All the bruising are... READ MORE

Bump on Nose 2 Months After Revision Rhinoplasty, Could This Still Be Swelling or Scar Tissue? (photo)

I broke my nose about 7 years ago and had septoplasty and rhinoplasty in two separate procedures to correct my deviated septum and remove a hump from... READ MORE

Rib Graft Bridge and Tip... Crooked, What Are my Options?

I am 1.5 months post ops and it's very obvious that my rib graft is crooked from the Start of my bridge to the tip... Much to the left. Is the... READ MORE

Asymmetrical Osteotomy/Rasping - Difficulty of Correction & Will Tip Grafts Be Disturbed?

Prior to my revision rhinoplasty I presented w/a congenital inverted-V deformity (please note: an osteotomy was NOT performed during my primary).... READ MORE

Too Much Alar Trim? Help Me Decide? (photo)

I got a 2nd alar trim from a reputable plastic surgeon. i ask him if im a candidate for alar trim and he told me that he will correct it but i think... READ MORE

Steriod Injection After Revision Rhinoplasty Cause Atrophy?

I had a steriod injection following revision rhinoplasty to help with some scar tissue formation after noticing a "bump" on the bridge of my nose at 6... READ MORE

Any Success After Greenstick Osteotomy to Manually Readjust Bones?

I had revisionary rhinoplasty 9 weeks ago. There was a greenstick osteotomy preformed. My nose drifted quite dramtically to one side as a result. My... READ MORE

Revision of Curved Nose Profile: Underproject Nasal Tip

I want a revision surgery now. I got my surgery 2 months ago, a week after I saw a curved profile (that i never had). Now it's looking more... READ MORE

How Do You Know when You Have a Hanging Columella or Just Swelling? (photo)

I had a revision surgery two months ago to fix a small bump and hanging columella. Both the bump and hanging columella look exactly the same to me.... READ MORE

Round Tip Post Rev Rhinoplasty - Improvements Possible? (photo)

I am two months out from revision rhinoplasty and fear I am stuck with a nose which will never be satisfactory. My tip has always been large and... READ MORE

2 Months Post Revision Rhinoplasty and Still Extremely Swollen

I am now 2 month post op and the lower half of my nose is still very swollen inside and out. One side is more swollen than the other so it looks... READ MORE

How to Fix Notching Alar and Make my Nostril Look More Round? (photo)

Hi Doctors, i had revision rhinoplasty 7 weeks ago, my surgeon re-do osteotomy, use spreader graft with donor rib cartilage, and ear cartilage for tip... READ MORE

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