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How can I alleviate Retin-A side effects?

I am 29;1st used Retin-A0.05% for acne when 19.Worked well.I got some acne issues again and started using 0.1%micro formulation 2mths back.The first... READ MORE

Prescription strength Retin-A has caused my face and neck to become significantly darker (hyper-pigmentation). Is this normal?

I have been using prescription strength Retin-A (0.1%) diligently for the past three weeks on a daily nightly basis. My face and neck have become... READ MORE

3 days post op retinol ointment, I have red rash, itchy as a result. Any suggestions? (photos)

I used retinol ointment over my enire cleavage and neck area for 3 days ( day and night) and came out in an itchy, red rash as a result. I didn't... READ MORE

How many days/weeks will my irritated skin take to heal? (Photo)

After I got my acne facial. My dermatologist offered me to use Tretinoin gel to remove my pimple marks. At first, it made my forehead and chin glossy,... READ MORE

Vitamin C While on Retin-A Necessary?

I started using CRS 15% Vitamin C 2 a week brighten my skin, while on Retin-A.My skin felt a tiny bit stinging and redness upon application.... READ MORE

Are my Reactions to First Week of Using Retin-a Still Normal? How Long Would Freaking out of Pimples Would Last?

Hello.i am using retin-a for almost a week but i am now afraid for my face is now chaotic.pimples are freaking out as big as it never was used to be,... READ MORE

I have itchy bumps on my face from tretinoin. What should I do?

Ive been prescribed tretinoin 0.04% gel for my acne and milia. I use it as prescribed pea size all over my face at bedtime followed by eucerin... READ MORE

Just two days ago, I used Retin-A generic (.05%) and it gave me an itchy rash/contact dermatitis.

-Clean face with micellar water (Sensibio H2O, which I used while on Accutane with great results) -Waited for it to dry, about 20 minutes -Applied a... READ MORE

How to get rid of the burning and peeling feeling after Retin A?

Hi, im 19 yrs old and have been using retin a (0.1%) for three weeks now. I have stopped for three days during the second week because of that... READ MORE

Which retinoid is more gentle on sensitive skin: Differin or Retin-A, and based on my reaction to Retin-A should I retry?

I tried retin a a year ago with a horrible experience that I don't wish on my worst enemy. I had mild acne that it wasn't so noticeable and I was... READ MORE

Question about applying Tretinoin cream during Fall/Winter months?

I started Tretnoin and have built up to once every three day. In spring & summer I am able to wait the 20-30 after a shower to apply my Tretinoin .025... READ MORE

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