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How long does skin redness last after overdosing on Retin-A?

I have been using Retin-A for a while now but I notice that after I used a lot of it on my chin it has become red. At first the skin was peeling... READ MORE

Did Retin-A Cause my Chin to Hang?

I used Retin-A (.05%) on my neck for about 2 1/2 months and then noticed under my chin is starting to "hang" and shrivels up into my neck... READ MORE

How To Treat Acne Scars and Wrinkles Following Retin-A Use? (photo)

I have been using Retin-A 0.04 for the acne that I have on my chin,and I am concern about the wrinkles as well, after using the Retin-A for about a... READ MORE

Will Tretinoin .025 Cream take longer than 3 months to work?

I have been using tretinoin .025 cream for about 13 weeks now and am experiencing a bad breakout on my chin and lower cheeks. I go through phases... READ MORE

Can I use Retin A on just my forehead and chin?

I only have acne on my forehead and chin and was prescribed retin-A. Is it ok if I dont use it on the whole face. Also,which hair removal method is... READ MORE

I applied tretinion cream on my chin area and now its look like a burned. Its a dark black in color after peeling. (photo)

I applied too much tretinion cream u.s.p 0.025 o/o on my chin area and after peeling its colour is dark black its look like a burned please help what... READ MORE

I m 20 yr old female and I have been getting cystic acne on my chin the last 3 years consistently. Should I go for Retin-a?

These acne are bump-like,without head.Only few of those are able to come to head after 2-3 weeks. I have tried acv and benzoyl peroxide which doesnt... READ MORE

Does It Clear Up Scars?

I have scar on my chin from picking at pimples when i was younger. i would like my face to be smoother. READ MORE

Can Trentinoin Cream 0.05% be applied to all areas of the face?

Can Trentinoin Cream 0.05% or higher be applied above the lip area, on the chin, and under the eyes? Will there be a benefit to applying it to these... READ MORE

I have brown spots above my upper lip and on my chin that have white lines going thru the brown spots. Any suggestions? (photo)

I am using retin a and hydroquinone mixed together trying to eliminate the brown spots. Will this work? READ MORE

Do I need to stop using Retin A Tretinoin before Rhinoplasty?

I am using Retin A Tretinoin 0.025 cream on my chin and forehead atm. My skin isn't really bad but I had a few spots hence why I'm using it. Do I have... READ MORE

Rash from tretinoin after 6 months of use

Hi, I have used tretinoin for over 6 months to help with the wrinkles. I have used it at night, and sunscreen during the day even though I live in New... READ MORE

I just started using Obagi products. I have the cleanser, toner, blender, and retinol.

What do I need to do, and how do I use these 4 products please? I cannot tell any difference because I still have deep pores, blackheads on nose,... READ MORE

Been using Retin A 3 times a weeks. And just recently my skin turned rough. Will it improve?

,,especially my forehead and my chin, some parts of cheeks appear to be smoother but irritated, with mild burning sensation. (Could it be cause I... READ MORE

Is Retin A (Retin-A Micro aka Tretinoin) still effective if used every other night, instead of every single night? (photo)

I have been taking Retin-A for 30 days. I wait 30 minutes after washing and then apply it, then moisturizer on top. Side effects are mild but my face... READ MORE

Tretinoin causing scabbing? allergic reaction? (photos)

I've been on tretinoin .05% cream for 8 weeks now for closed comedones around my cheeks/chin/jaw. I've developed a very crusty scaly patch of skin... READ MORE

Retin A week 5. Is it normal to be having breakouts?

I am on week 5 of starting tretinion. I am currently on my cycle and I am having a big breakout along my left jaw line & cheek area. I think I was... READ MORE

Does Retin A cause you to break out before you start seeing results? (photos)

My Derm put me on Retin A and it seems like I'm getting acne where I didn't have it originally. I'm getting it on my forehead and chin where it was... READ MORE

Retina-A and dark patches. Any suggestions?

I have been using retina a micro 0.08% twice a week at night. for going on three weeks. I also use clinda gel in the morning. I am going in to three... READ MORE

How to deal with tretinion accident? Burnt spot on chin.

I recently used tretinion .05 for five nights and went through hell three days later with pain. I now use it every 3 nights w/sunblock in AM 1. On my... READ MORE

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