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Can Restylane Travel into Other Parts of the Face?

I got injections three days ago, ( 1cc total ), mostly into my right nasal labial fold. A few months ago I had 2cc total ( by the same person),... READ MORE

Is it Possible for Undereye Restylane to Drop to Frontal Cheek Pad?

My doc injected restylane under the muscle to treat my undereye hollows. after 3-5 days, i noticed that my frontal cheek pads, the area right below... READ MORE

Can Restylane Move?

I had fillers 6mths ago, 4wks ago i was mugged. my face was very swollen, its settled down now but i still feel i have filler under my eye between my... READ MORE

Restylane Migrated in Upper Lip

I had Restylane injected in my upper lip 3 weeks ago. I really liked the subtle effect until yesterday. It seems that all the filler has migrated to... READ MORE

Why Are my Upper and Lower Eyelids Swollen Approx. 1 Month After Restylane for my Tear Troughs? (photo)

What are the alternatives if it is not from the migration of Restylane? My upper lids, esp in the inner corners have become quite swollen and hooded,... READ MORE

Why Do I Have Consistant Migration of Lip Filler, in the Same Spot Above my Vermillion Line? (photo)

I have had conservative lip injections of Restylane 3 times over the last 3 years. I have the same issue with no matter whom does the injection. There... READ MORE

Can Restylyne Migrate Into The Eyes? They're Burning And Swollen.

Two days ago I had restylyne injected into the hollowed area under my eyes, and a few hours later my eyes were burning terribly. This pain lasted all... READ MORE

Can Restylane Migrate from the Injection Site?

I had Restylane injections a week ago just below the outer corner areas of my mouth. Both sides on the outside look fine, however yesterday - 6 days... READ MORE

Restylane Migration - Bacterial Infection

I had posed a question re the possibility of restylane migration into my eyes caused from a nurse practitioner here in Houston. Thanks to all the... READ MORE

Can Restylane or Juvederm filler that was injected in upper cheeks, right below tear trough area migrate to the eyes?

When I got the filler done i massaged the area and heard a squish sound not sure if it migrated to my eye because my eye has been feeling funny and... READ MORE

Did my Restalyne Migrate?

Hi - I just got restalyne in my cheeks and smile lines. All seems decent (this is two days ago) and now I see and feel a long hard 'line' below my... READ MORE

Could a Sore Eye Be Caused by Restylane Migration?

Is it possible to get an eye infection or some other bacterial infection due to Restylane Migration and would like to get some advice on this.... READ MORE

Is it possible for restylane in the eye trough to travel to a lymph node?

I have a significantly large lymph node on the jugular vein area on the left side of neck. I lost the restylane in my left eye and I was wondering if... READ MORE

What can be done about filler that has migrated and decended to my lower face?

I've restylane and its migrated and decended to the lower portion of my face which has created an uneven jowl look and strange dimples in my chin when... READ MORE

Is it possible that Restylane migrated around my eye socket & into my upper lids? & if so, what can be done about it? (Photo)

I had my under-eye hollows filled with Restylane 2 weeks ago; I am no longer swollen, and there has been some improvement to that tear-trough area.... READ MORE

If you were over filled with Restylane in cheeks, can it cause sagging? Can massaging lump cause product to migrate?

I recently had a very bad experience with resylane. The "top plastic surgeon" that did my injections rushed through didn't massage left me with lumps... READ MORE

Restylane/Juvederm migration to eyelid.

I had juvederm and restylane on several occasions in tear trough and crows feet area. It migrated to my upper eyelids (proven on ultrasound) and is... READ MORE

Inflammatory reaction to Restylane. How do I safely get this stuff from migrating and causing more damage?

I am having an inflammatory reaction to restylane. It has been 6 months. Severe headache, pain at base of skull and neck. Large lump of goo removed... READ MORE

Hi I have had Restylene injected inner nose and under small malar bags, now migrated and have lump under eye.

I went back to my practitioner who said the restylene had migrated , she injected a small amount of hyalurondaise as too much may cause uneven... READ MORE

Can Restylane filler migration cause eye blurriness? Tear Trough treatment

I've had my eye hollows filled with Restylane about a week ago. On the day of the procedure, the doctor recommended to massage it. I may have put too... READ MORE

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