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Headaches and Sinus Problems After Restylane Injections

I had half a cc of restylane 3 weeks ago in my top lip and since then my sinuses have been killing me and I have headaches daily. Im not sure if this... READ MORE

Can Restylane or Juviderm in Tear Trough Absorb or Get into the Sinuses? I Have Headache/swollen?

I had the procedure done 2 yrs ago..have constant headache and swollen baggy eyes, look 100 years old. can this get into my sinuses? or brain? HELP> READ MORE

Restylane - Headache, Diarrhea?

I had restylane 5 days ago; 4 hours after I felt light headed and arms/legs weak; the next day I got a terrible headache; day 5 the headache is... READ MORE

Under Eye Filler and Severe Pressure on Forehead?

I had a undereye filler injected a month ago and have had some headaches and pressure around the eye that lasted a week.Then all pain and pressure... READ MORE

What is treatment for chronic inflammation from Restylane?

I had an immediate reaction. It is now 5 months and I continue to have major symptoms, such as headache, inflammation in sinus nasal head. Lower neck... READ MORE

Still in pain 3 wks post Restylane in nasolabial folds and cheeks. Headaches/pressure in cheeks, nose and righteye pain (Photo)

Ive been bk to the top rated PS 3 times since these problems began. First time PS was rude and told me its nothing. Other two apps were with his... READ MORE

I took Ibuprofen on Monday due to a bad headache, does that mean that I should out it off for a week or two for Restylane?

I am about to get Restyline done on Friday, I do not take any medication and vitamins but I did take Ibuprofen on Monday due to a bad headache, does... READ MORE

How can I remove Restylane in my jowls that is more than two years old and spread out?

I've been to a wound specialist, had an MRI, and finally they went in and took a chunk out and tested it. Yes, it's still the Restylane. Help, I think... READ MORE

Filler at eye area (Photos)

Resylene Filler injected May 2016 in lower left side to balance face from tooth loss... Started with severe head ache had Mri scan which came back all... READ MORE

Over correction of Restalyne under the eyes. Is it risky to dissolve?

I had over correction of Restalyne under eye filler done in Beverly Hills. I moved since and am seeking that the filler be dissolved. No local dr will... READ MORE

What was this Infection? Doctor injected a filler- Restylane or Juvederm- into the bridge of nose to fill indent. (photos)

I experienced what I thought was severe bruising and headaches . Day 4, my skin looked infected. Called the doctor that morning . He tried... READ MORE

I have a headache, neck ache and flu-like symptoms after Restylane, how long should I wait before removing the product?

I got Restylane in my tear troughs 9 days ago. I immediately started to feel a headache coming on which went away 4 days after treatment I had body... READ MORE

Headaches after filler in cheek. Will this subside?

I had filler in my cheeks about 7 weeks ago. Since then I have had headaches and aching eye socket along with occasional numb/tingling sensation... READ MORE

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