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Severe lip swelling after restylane and I'm back to work Tuesday. Please help! What can I do to minimise the swelling? (Photo)

Hi, I had restylyn 1ml lip fillers yesterday at 16.00. My lips were OK when I left the surgeons office but a few hours later have severely swollen.... READ MORE

How to reduce swelling under the eyelid after restylane injection?

I had restylane injection under my eyelid , I've noticed that my eyes start swelling! I iced the area but still there was a little improvement in the... READ MORE

Top Lip Swollen and Severe Pain in my Whole Face After Restylane? (photo)

Restylane injected in top lip only, the first few hours and day it was swollen and bruised (obviously) and it eventualy went down. I was given arnica... READ MORE

Garlic and lip injections. Is it risky?

I'm scheduled for lip injections tomorrow. This issue is, is that there was a tiny bit of minced garlic in some of my veggies and pasta yesterday and... READ MORE

Can restalyne and juverderm swelling and bruising be permanent? (photo)

4 weeks post under eye and cheek injections and not much improvement in past week with change to swell and bruise, could this be permanent ? The... READ MORE

Will my bruising ever go away after Restylane? (Photo)

I had Restylane injected under my eyes 16 days ago. the left side that was injected more started bruising within minutes. Severe bruising even after... READ MORE

9 days post 1 syringe of restylane in each tear trough. Will these lumps resolve by 2 weeks? (Photos)

I notice this on the right more than the left, but it is present bilaterally. I had my procedure done by a board certified plastic surgeon. I Have... READ MORE

Is it important to ice my nose after a restalyne injection?

I just had restalyne injected in my nose to smooth out a divet on the right side. Plastic surgeon also injected on the left side too. Do I need to ice... READ MORE

Is this normal? No permanent damage? Treatable if does not go away? Can I use Arnica cream? (photos)

I had Restylane yesterday around my mouth, above top lip & marionette lines & now have lots of tiny red dots where he injected (he did lots of tiny... READ MORE

I got Restalyne on my forehead on Friday (for a scar/wrinkle). By Saturday night I had a big red, bumpy spot on my forehead. (Ph

Monday RN/injector prescribed prednisone/arnica. It feels less bumpy and looks better in the mirror (looks awful in the close up pic). After reading... READ MORE

I had Restylane injected four days ago, I wonder how to get rid of huge bruise around my left marionette line.

I got Restylane Injected and expected some bruising, this bruising of the marionette line started while she injected me. It is really black/blue and... READ MORE

Can I use an arnica cream or gel directly on injected Restylane lip a day later?

I can also see that my left side upper lip looks like there is a little more filler or is it just from the swelling ? The plastic surgeons office... READ MORE

Best way to fix overfilled my tear troughs? Adding a little more to round the raised portion out? Dissolving it? (Photos)

I had my tear troughs filled for the first time and had an approximate total of 2 CC of Restylane injected almost 2 weeks ago. Is this overfilled or... READ MORE

Received Restylane and my right eye started swelling during injections. Left eye slight swelling. (Photo)

I am taking Zyrtec, Arnica and icing it how long before swelling goes down by 50%. READ MORE

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