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Infection in Tear Trough from Restylane

I had Restylane injections in my tear troughs. I developed an infection in the right tear trough but not in the left. The doctor put me on an... READ MORE

Restylane and Prednisone?

Can I receive Restalyn if I'm taking Prednisone for a recent allergic reaction to an antibiotic I was taking for pneumonia? READ MORE

First Signs of Biofilm Infection?

I had restylane injected in both tear troughs by a board certified plastic surgeon. Nine days later, all symptoms subsided. At day 11, I began... READ MORE

Large lump in tear trough only one eye over one month after injection

I got restylane injected under both eyes then about a month later I developed a pea shaped lump right below the corner of one eye. It's been about a... READ MORE

It seems I have an infection from Restylane injection. What should I do?

I got a Restylane injection for my face and only my right cheek as swelling/infection. Its very red and swollen. I went back to my doctor and they... READ MORE

Nose Filler Inflammation?

I got inflammation after restylen nose filler cause of some skin laser . I took antibiotic for two months just in case. Now pain went away. But it... READ MORE

Can Restylane cause this swelling or is it a tooth infection? (Photo)

I had my dr call in a antibiotic and have been taking it for 2 days but the swelling and lump started on the 2nd day. There is pressure and pain when... READ MORE

Infected top lip after lip fillers. Should these antibiotics get the swelling down?

Had lip fillers over a week ago, top left hand side of lip is still swollen and infected. I'm now on antibiotics should these get the swelling down as... READ MORE

I had an orbital decompression 15 years ago and now my eyes have shifted. What are my options? (Photo)

Fifteen years ago I had a decompression. Surgery was done w/ incisions in my gums and I lost feeling in my 4 front upper teeth. On the upside, they... READ MORE

I had 1mL of Restalyne injected into my lips. 1.5 months later I have developed hard painful lumps. (Photos)

I've had 1mL of restalyne injected into my lips. 70% on the top with 30% on the bottom. One and a half months later and I have developed hard lumps... READ MORE

What was this Infection? Doctor injected a filler- Restylane or Juvederm- into the bridge of nose to fill indent. (photos)

I experienced what I thought was severe bruising and headaches . Day 4, my skin looked infected. Called the doctor that morning . He tried... READ MORE

How long will it take for the thickening and the discolouration to go and how long to repeat the procedure?

I had restylane in my upper lip 3 months ago and got a nasty abscess. I had to take antibiotics and squeeze out the pus whenever the abscess burst.... READ MORE

I had Restylane inserted in my tear troughs 12/13. I noticed a bump on the right side right away. What are my options? (Photo)

Last week I developed an infection under my right eye. I woke up one day and my lower eyelid was sore. I went to my primary physician and they... READ MORE

Restylane lip fillers; I had 0.5ml of lip filler 3 days ago and since got a really bad sore throat and swollen gums?

Hi i had 0.5ml of lip filler 3 days ago and since got a really bad sore throat and swollen gums? is this common and am i ok to take antibiotics and... READ MORE

Is my lip infected or had some sort of complication? What do I do? (Photo)

I had filler injected 4 days ago and now all my lips look great except for the top right side which is still very swelled and a little tender. I went... READ MORE

What is this extreme hardening and swelling two-six months following (third) Restylane liquid facelift? (photos)

Two months after the treatment I noticed hard bumps under my eyes which consequently swelled up extremely. Every five to ten days the areas under my... READ MORE

Follow up to Q-Restylane lip infection: I am now on day 3 of antibiotics and there has been a huge improvement. (photo)

My more detailed question never uploaded correctly. On day 3-4 my inflammation increased and worsened thru day 7, when I returned to my injector and... READ MORE

Just a few questions on my experience with restylane lip filler. Cream still hurts & I have swelling? (Photos)

I had lip fillers 2 weeks ago, I had 7 local anaesthetic injections around my lips, As the cream still hurt. the next day I had swelling all over my... READ MORE

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