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Restylane Under Eyes: Swelling and Lumpiness on Day 5, Will this Subside? (photo)

Please help! I had restylane injected under my eyes 5 days ago by an experienced cosmetic MD. The hollows I had before now look like ugly bags, and I... READ MORE

How Long Does It Take to See Results from Restylane?

6 days post injection — It looked improved at first, but now there's not much of a difference. Called the MD office today and they said that the R... READ MORE

Bags and Bumps After Restylane Under Eyes

It has been 1 week since I had my under eyes injected with Restylane. There is a large bag like area under my left eye. I massaged the area like I was... READ MORE

Just had Restylane tear trough injections - how long does it take for the swelling to go down?

Had Restylane injections for the tear troughs for the first time 5 days ago and I am wondering how long it takes for the swelling to go down and the... READ MORE

How to Know if the Swelling After Restylane Injection Under the Eyes is Too Much Restylane or Caused by the Injection?

I´ve had restylane injected in my under eyes and tear hollows one week ago. I had no bruising or swelling on my right eye, but i got a little... READ MORE

I want Kylie Jenners lips! How many syringes do you think she has?

I just had one syringe of restalyne injected last week. My lips don't even look any different. Can you tell me how many more syringes it would take to... READ MORE

Two Lines Appears Under my Eyes After Eyes Filler? is It Normal? (photo)

I had fillers for the eye hollowness one week ago , I got some swelling at the first but now after 7 days ,that decreased 80% in each , but the... READ MORE

Do I Need 2 Syringes of Restylane to Notice a Difference?

I got 1 syringe of restylane to my lips and after 5 days they look how they did prior to the injections. Im very upset and feel like I wasted my money... READ MORE

Top Lip Swollen and Severe Pain in my Whole Face After Restylane? (photo)

Restylane injected in top lip only, the first few hours and day it was swollen and bruised (obviously) and it eventualy went down. I was given arnica... READ MORE

Continued Numbness from Restylane Injection?

I had about 3cc of restylane injected into my cheek approximately a week ago overseas. Right after the injection, I felt numbness from mid temple to... READ MORE

Please Help - Restylane Under the Eyes: Why Do I Look Worse 5 Days Later Than Immediately After the Injections? (photo)

I had Restylane under my hollows 8 days ago and saw an immediate and positive benefit - wow - and no bruising. Now, 8 days later I look WORSE! I have... READ MORE

Uneven Restylane Lip - Should I Go to a Different Doctor? Should I Dissolve or Add More to One Side? (photo)

I had a restylane lip injection 5 days ago. My lip has been un-even since the injection. After the swelling, my upper lip is still uneven. I am going... READ MORE

Restylane Disappeared 5 Days After Injection, Is This Normal?

My doctor used 3/4 ampule of restylane to fill my upper lip . the result was great just after the injection .. 2 hours later i had a huge huge... READ MORE

Ridge under eye after Restylane in tear troughs. Is this normal? Is it due to the technique? (Photo)

I received restylane injections under the eyes to the tear troughs. I bruised immediately. And under one eye, it was apparent that I had a swollen... READ MORE

I Had Restylane Under My Eyes 9Days Ago To Remove Dark Circles and Wrinkles, But They're Worse?

I am 24 years old and i i got Restlyine injection 9 days ago ,i wanted to remove the dark circle and wrinkles and to add fullness. After if was done i... READ MORE

Is There a Way to Change the Shape of Lips Post Injections?

After restylane injections my lips look like two earth worms stuck to my face. Is there any way of changing the shape to a more natural shape? It has... READ MORE

Is This Brusing/blood Clot or Tyndall Effect 9 Days After Restylane in Tear Troughs? (photo)

I had restylane in my tear troughs on 24th Jan its been 8 days today. Swelling has pretty much resolved.Doc injected abt 0.8cc both eyes combined. My... READ MORE

Seven Days Post Injections, Was I Overfilled?

Recently relocated & put in strong effort to find qualified, certified PS... Have had radiesse injected under the eyes for years with fantastic... READ MORE

Unevely Injection Restylane in Nasolabial Folds, What Should I Do?

I had restylane injection 1 week ago in nasolabial folds .now i have uneven and swollen but very little in one down side of nose!! READ MORE

Restylane - Headache, Diarrhea?

I had restylane 5 days ago; 4 hours after I felt light headed and arms/legs weak; the next day I got a terrible headache; day 5 the headache is... READ MORE

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