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Restylane Silk is an FDA-approved injectable for plumping the lips and filling fine lines around the mouth. A doctor injects the filler, which is made from hyaluronic acid, one or two times over the course of two weeks. Results such as fullness and definition of the lips are temporary and last for about six months.

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28 Year Old with Extremely Small/thin Lips

I went in for a consultation and met with Sarah Maxwell. I was very unsure about injections because I have seen a lot of people with noticeably fake lips. Sarah was extremely knowledgeable and informative about injectables and made me feel very comfortable. She knew I was nervous about going... READ MORE

Restalyn - Under Eye, Forehead Indent, Lower Lip

I'm going to the same doctor I got Restalyn for my tear throughs again. It's been 11 months and it's started to fade, just as predicted. This time, I'm going to try to tackle the same under eye area, as well as a divot that's always been in the middle of my forehead, and a weird uneveness of... READ MORE

35 Year Old Mom with Bags! Bag Lady! - Chattanooga, TN

I have been suffering from bags under the eyes for about the past 2 years. It doesn't matter how much sleep I get I look tired. I was going to try to get a fat transfer to my face when I did my BBL but they wanted an astronomical amount. Then I checked on filler, and the doctor wasn't going to... READ MORE

Lip fillers

Experience was amazing! All material/products were brand new and sterile, Dana works painlessly and efficiently! I got there 30 minutes early to my appointment and she took me as soon as I walked in. Today is my day 4 and I'm nearly back to normal. I had Restylane Silk lip fillers and Botox of... READ MORE

Restalyne Silk Only Lasted 2.5 Months!

I asked my lady to be conservative and to fill them more in the middle and less on the edges because I hate when lips are the same size from the inside to the outside- it looks stupid. And fake. I'm glad I asked for that because they came out looking like 2 fat sausages anyways and I can't... READ MORE

under eye filler restylane

I needed fillers under my eye for years now. I'm tired of wearing make up everywhere I go. I have deep bags and finally went in to do this quick procedure. I had plans to go to Vanity now called ERES in Miami. I don't remember my doctor name but she did a great job. I had one full syringe and... READ MORE

Plump fine lines in lips

I had been wanting to try lip filler but was super nervous because I get trama induced cold sores. I took 1000 mg of Valtrex a day before, of and 2 days after and I was sooooo happy I didn't get 1 cold sore! Now, on to the injections. I have full lips already, I wasn't trying to go bigger but... READ MORE

Wanted to Plump my Lips - Charlotte, NC

The procedure was painless, I was shocked. We used the whole syringe with no numbing shots or dental blocks. My lips look more youthful, fuller and have a nice pout to them! I love the outcome but geez now, 8 hours later, I'm in more pain than I was after my breast lift and implant. Ice ice ice... READ MORE

From Thin Lips to Plump! - Garden City, NY

From consultation, to procedure day, Dr. Baharestani asked multiple questions to ensure I was getting what I wanted. Very quick and painless procedure. I was given the option to numb the area and I declined. Even so, it was a very easy. Dr. Baharestani was very gentle and talked me through the... READ MORE

25 Y/O Tear Trough Filler

So I had my tear troughs done because I have a genetic deformity that runs in the family and I've had these hollows essentially since birth. I LOVED the result directly after the procedure prior to the swelling. But now I am so concerned I have the Tyndell effect. The pics from top to bottom are... READ MORE

Restalyne Silk for Lip Lines

Although the girls were very sweet and made me feel comfortable, I do not believe that The young girl who did my procedure had more than a few days training. At first I was told it would be $500 to do my lip lines so I agreed to that and went for the procedure and they only did my top lip!... READ MORE

28 Years Old and Finally Happy with Fuller, Plumper Lips!! - Lake Oswego, OR

I'm currently 2 weeks out from my Restylane Silk treatment to my upper and lower lips, and I could not be happier with my results. I have been thinking about this procedure for such a long time, and have done tons of research, especially here through RealSelf, and I finally scheduled my... READ MORE

Lisa @ It's a Secret Med Spa

I have been doing injections for some years now and came across Lisa from It's a Secret Med Spa in Dallas. Saw some pictures of her amazing work on Instagram and knew I had to get in to see her. My experience walking into the spa was not a pleasant one and I ended up walking out but thanks to... READ MORE

Connecticut Lip Lift - Guilford, CT

My lip lift is scheduled for 8/23/20016. I'm excited and a little nervous. The staff is very, very nice and pleasant and the surgeon is too. I felt quite comfortable at my initial consultation and during tear trough filler with Restylane Silk and Restylane Silk in cheeks. Tomorrow I go for... READ MORE

Slightly Crooked Lips. Farmington Hills, MI

I had a lip flip procedure done in the 90s and I have scaring on the inside area of my lips. I was never fully satisfied and seemed to have bad results. The bottom lip didn't change and I had uneven crooked look to them when looked at closely. Lipstick hid it well. However, I have been... READ MORE

Lips - Panama City, FL

It has only been 5 days since my 2 injections and one was for my lips and they bruised as I wasn't told not to take aspirin or ibuprofen 10 days before which is fine..what is not fine is that the lines are still there and they don't even look much fuller at all. I'm going back this week to see... READ MORE

Under Eye Filler: Better Than I Thought - Dallas, TX

I was so afraid of getting filler under my eyes that I waited 3 years to pull the trigger. I researched a lot of professionals and ended up paying a few more dollars to go with Dr. Teotia -- a plastic surgeon -- and they were dollars well spent. I could not have asked for a better result! As... READ MORE

Needed Smoother, Thicker Skin. Grosse Pointe, MI

I saw Dr Balle for a consult and mentioned that my neck and the areas around my mouth were getting crinkly - like crepe paper. He said he could definitely help those areas. He ended up using diluted Restylane Silk, using a cannula, on my neck. He was right, it did smooth the skin out! So, a few... READ MORE

New Lips. Fuller - Oak Brook, IL

I had restylane silk injected in my lips Monday and my lips were swollen for one day. I just have a little bit of bruising. They numbed my lips with lidocaine first then I had basically 6 injections on both my upper and lower lips. I didn't feel anything, was just numb for a couple hours... READ MORE

29 Y/o Tired of Looking Tired - Avon, CT

Underneath my eyes I have a tear trough deformity and I have always been self conscious about it. Genetically I just don't have fat under my eyes and no matter how much weight I gain or lose I have a circle under my eye. It bothered me so much that I always wore sunglasses to cover my face. When... READ MORE

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