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Restylane Lyft is an FDA-approved injectable for smoothing smile lines and increasing volume in the cheeks. Restylane Lyft is a hyaluronic acid gel that contains a small amount of a local anesthetic (lidocaine) to help to reduce the pain of the injection. Results can be achieved in one visit and last roughly 10-18 months.

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Restylane Lyft Got Cheek Volume.

Over the course of my twenties and thirties, my weight has fluctuated. I noticed that I had lost some volume in my face / cheek area. I researched DR. Aydin and booked an appointment. The office in Paramus is beautiful and the staff is welcoming and personable. After addressing my concerns to Dr... READ MORE

Swelling, but I Think I Like It! - Roseville, CA

This is my first review! And my first time having a dermal filler. I saw Dr. Almonte in Roseville and he was wonderful. I had two syringes, in my cheeks, nasolabial folds, and a teeny squirt into my tear troughs. Dr Almonte took his time, answered questions, provided lots of info, and was a very... READ MORE

Restylane Lyft for Cleft Chin

I saw Dr. Wilson this morning and he did a FANTASTIC job filling in the cleft in my chin. I am over the moon with how it came out! My only concern is- why didn't I do this earlier? He is very knowledgeable and explained all my options and made sure it looked perfect. Worth every penny! Thank you... READ MORE

Restylane Lyft to Fill in Hollows of Under Eyes- First Time Getting Fillers

35 year old with genetic undereye circles due to thin skin and loss of fat in cheeks. Decided to go to Ophthalmologist who offers dermal fillers. Met with RN who recommended either 2 syringes voluma or restylane lyft to fill in hollows in cheeks. I had reservations about using that amount for... READ MORE

Restylane Lyft injected Marionette

I am hoping that I am still swollen. My lower face has lost the fat pads it once had so I ask a reputable PS who gets good reviews here on realsef what he would recommend about my marionette lines. His response was to build it up so that it would look less hollow. He added 1 syringe per side... READ MORE

Restylane Lyft Gave Me the Lift I Needed.

After getting sick a few years ago, I noticed my face had lost weight. My temples had dips and had lost volume in my cheeks making me look sickly. Having worked in a cosmetic dermatologist office, I decided to visit a experienced plastic surgeon to discuss my options. I'm so glad I saw Dr.... READ MORE

Pushing 30s and need some help

The most amazing experience! Dr Aynehchi was so kind and so patient. He listened to all of my concerns and really took his time to give me the best possible results. He gave me a wonderful awake and natural look with the Botox. The best part is no one can even tell!!! He also plumped my lips and... READ MORE

Dr.Nayak is a True Artist!!

Years ago I dabbled around with filler, but was never really impressed. Prior to my wedding I had my dermatologist use juvederm in my cheeks and I looked puffy-not the look I wanted on my wedding day. After having 3 children in 20 months and losing all the weight- my face was looking gaunt. ... READ MORE

Good Doctor

Devastated! I look 10 years older and $2300 out of pocket. I have been coming to Rejuvent for 10 years and recommended it to many people. I have had both filler and botox. Now I would not. This year things have changed. The patient coordinator Carla is more interested in selling product than... READ MORE

Venus MedSpa Restalyn Lyft Lip Filler - Sarasota, FL

I went in to have my lips filled and the tech and staff were friendly and wonderful. Procedure was as painful as I expected it to be. Swelling subsided after 2 weeks but realized the on my left upper lip there were noticeable bumps and voids. I went back to see what they could do to fix it and... READ MORE

My Friends Noticed, but Had No Idea What I'd Done. - Bellevue, WA

Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself. These words ring so very true. One last time of looking at a photo only to think to myself, "That's not what I looked like, I looked great that day." It was time to make a phone call & accentuate the beauty I knew was there. Several... READ MORE

Restylane Lyft and Silk in Tear Troughs and Cheeks (30 Years Old) San Antonio, TX

I have hereditary dark circles under my eyes. The skin underneath is particularly thin and sunken, and growing up I got a fair few mean comments about how I looked "sick" without makeup. After high school I largely let them quit bothering me because I otherwise am happy with my appearance, and... READ MORE

3 Syringes of Restalyn Lyft & Silk Filler - Wilmington, DE

Yesterday I had 3 syringes of filler. Initially, I wanted it placed in my cheeks for volume but when I suggested that, she explained to be that to see results in cheek area for lifting I would need many syringes of filler( like 8). I wanted to remove smile lines by adding volume to cheek to lift... READ MORE

Restylane Lift - Lip Injection - The Woodlands, TX

Decided to get some volume in my lips with Restylane Lyft. Total amount of Restylane used for lips is about 0,8 ml. Almost one syringe. Few hours later my lips got very sore and swollen. I could not drink or eat that night. In the morning, it was worse. I started to reading all reviews here and... READ MORE

Nose Injection - Restylane Lyft - Los Angeles, CA

This is my first time using the Restylane Lyft to lift my nose, no any uncomfortableness or allergy. It's easy to be shaped and can last longer than other similar products. I think this one's less hurt than the Radiesse when being injected and it didn't cause swell at all. I can't really feel... READ MORE

Fighting Gravity with a Non-surgical Treatment, Restylane Lyft. Oakland, CA

I'll be 48 in just a couple of months, and over the past couple of years, I have been unhappy with the face staring back at me in the mirror. Marionette lines, lost volume, nasolabial folds....I have all of those and more! But with money always being the hurdle, I decided (after years of... READ MORE

I Can't See a Difference. Fort Worth, TX

I really thought for this much money I would see a difference but I can't. I still see hollows under my eyes, deep nasolabial folds, and drooping jaws. Plus there's a brown stripe running down one cheek. I went back today to have the aesthetician look at it. She couldn't see it. I can sure... READ MORE

41 Years Old, Looking 30, Under Eyelids Injections. Wellesley, MA

Totally worh it. I went to see Doctor Mitesh Kapadia in 2014, and renew it in 2016, although it was still quite full under my eyes. He decided to add retylane lyft in the cheeks just below the eyelids to make it look better. Its flat now it looks great, I dont look tired ad have no eyebags. I... READ MORE

Help...What Happen to my Chin? - Spokane, WA

I have seen Dr. Chestnut a few times and knew he'd be able to help! I've never had a "strong chin" (straight on or profile), but as I've aged it's gotten worse. I went in to see Dr. Chestnut to find out what he thought and his suggestions. As I've come to expect from him and his outstanding... READ MORE

Lost Volume Cheeks 60 Years Old. Scottsdale, AZ

I've been going to Dr Shaw forever here in Scottsdale. Wanted to try Voluma, however was told that Restylane Lyft was supposed to be really good. I took the plunge and had 1 syringe of the Restylane lift and some Dysport around my eyes. I must say that it made a huge difference without being... READ MORE

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