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Radiesse Injection Went Bad?

I had Radiesse injections into nasal folds done on Friday and now my lip, nose and right side of the face are swallen, brused and there are small... READ MORE

9 Months Post Lower Bleph, Got Radiesse Shots in Cheeks, More in the Right. Will Bruising Go Away? (photo)

Lower bleph done 10/14/2012. Left my right lid very assymetrical and dented in. The lines(tear troughs) were more pronounced than before and there was... READ MORE

Radiesse Injection Site Left With Bumps?

I was injected with Radiesse many times. My last experience I was left with bumps at the needle sites. Waited for one month hoping they would flatten... READ MORE

Can Radiesse Be Fixed? (photo)

I had radiesse injection in my nose due to my assymetrical bridge when i had my rhinoplasty. After the injection my nose is really swollen but the... READ MORE

Does Radiesse Last Longer Than a Year?

I had the following done under my eyelids after reading I found out it was not a good idea too late. Its been a year and one of my eyelids is still... READ MORE

How Long for Radiesse Swelling to Go Down?

I had Radiesse injections yesterday to smile lines between the nose and mouth. My upper lip is swollen. I look like a Who from Whoville. I'm using ice... READ MORE

Is There a Way to Undo Radiesse or to Shorten It Lifespan?

I went to my doctor's seeking a filler to even out and fill in my smile folds. The doctor had a two for one syringe sale of Radiesse, and talked me... READ MORE

Radiesse in Puppet Lines Around Mouth and Nose 4 Years Ago? (photo)

I had Radience injections in puppet lines around mouth and nose 4 yrs ago. I had Botox injections for crows feet and around my upper lip about 6... READ MORE

2 months post-op Radiesse. Pain on cheekbone.

First week of Feb'14 got radiesse on each cheek, right one got extremely swollen, the other side healed with not issues. Affected cheek didn't get... READ MORE

How long will swelling after Radiesse last?

I just had radiuses yesterday. She said she placed 2 syringes of 1.5 ea. it was placed in the nasolabial folds and marionette lines. She said she had... READ MORE

Why do I have a lump on my jowl point 3 weeks after Radiesse injection? Will it go away?

I had Radiesse injected 3 weeks ago for prejowel culpus. I still have a swollen looking lump on my right side jowl point. I was told to press and hold... READ MORE

Forehead swollen due to Radiesse injection onto nose bridge. Will it recover again? What else can I do about it? (Photo)

My forehead was swollen after radiesse injection to volume up my flat nose bridge. After 14 days the swell is still there. I went back to my doctor.... READ MORE

Remove Radiesse + Holes from Cortisone injection. HELP!!!! (photos)

I had a chin inj. with radiesse in august 15. sadly it went wrong and the sides of my chin got thick+swollen. my doctor gave me cortison inj. to trim... READ MORE

Nose swollen/enlarged after Radiesse in nasiobasal area?

I received a syringe and a half of Radiesse in the nasiobasal area two weeks ago and my nose has become swollen/enlarged and feels a little numb. No,... READ MORE

3 months post Radiesse injections and still swollen and red. Any ideas how to correct?

Had Radiesse injected into upper cheeks to help with the hollowing of my eyes. Had nothing but problems with swelling and red welts on upper checks.... READ MORE

Cheeks Radiesse filler. Are my cheeks too big for my face? Could they still be swollen? (Photo)

Had my cheeks augmented four days ago with Radiesse.. I'm wondering if my cheeks are too big for my face? And could my cheeks still be swollen? When... READ MORE

Is it possible that the radiesse got under my levator labii alqaque nasi muscle?

3/4's of a syringe was injected in the little triangle areas where the underside of the nose and upper nasolabial folds meet. Initially, the levator... READ MORE

I have a bad red mark with puss drainage after Radiesse filler in chin. Any suggestions?

I had Radiesse injections to add volume around my chin. The fillers on the left side and around the bottom of my chin are fine, but the ones on the... READ MORE

Face swollen 2-3 months after Radiesse injections used to lift cheeks.

I had normal swelling after the injections for about a week or so. Loved the results once the swelling went away. Out of the blue, I woke up last week... READ MORE

Can Radiesse cause a swollen lymph node?

I had radiesse injected into cleft chin a little over 3 weeks ago. Hate the results, product has migrated down causing a longer chin and my dimple is... READ MORE

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