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Radiesse Sagging - Would More Filler Like my Cheeks?

The Radiesse I received was one syringe used along my nasal labia folds and at the point of my cheek bones that is nearest my nostrils. I hate the... READ MORE

Can I get fillers in the prejowl sulcus area and not the marionette lines? (Photo)

I have both, but its really just the pronounced indentation between my chin and jowl that bothers me. If I could just get my jawline smoothed out a... READ MORE

Fillers Applied in the Back of Jaw Bone?

Can a thick filler like Radiesse be applied in the back of the jawbone to temporarily pull and hold SEMI-SAGGY jowls? Crazy idea? Note that 7 yrs ago... READ MORE

Radiesse or Juvaderm Ultra Plus for Jowl, Smile Lines and Nose?

I am 35 and am getting a jowl. I had planned to get Radiesse for the jowl and nasolabial lines - 1 vial recco. I also have a slight bump on my nose... READ MORE

Radiesse - Sagging and Jowling After Injection

Radiesse to high point of cheek, no issue. 2nd injections to lower cheek bone, 1wk later. After 2nd set, extreme swelling of lower face & eyes. 3... READ MORE

Is Radiesse Commonly Injected to the Cheeks for Jawline Contour?

My doctor says Radiesse is injected into the cheeks for jawline contour, not into the jaw area. I want the slightest addition to my malar area and... READ MORE

Jowls and Asymmetry After Radiesse

It now looks like I have jowls and one side of my face is different from the other after Radiesse. If this is indeed swelling, should it have begun... READ MORE

Unevenness After Radiesse to Jowl Line

I had Radiesse injections into jowl line last year and it worked fine. Did it again a day and a half ago and now one jowl is very noticeably larger... READ MORE

Can Radiesse or Juvederm Treatment Help to Reduce Under Chin Jowls and Achieve a Stronger Jawline?

Can Radiesse or Juvederm Treatment Help to Reduce Under Chin Jowls and Achieve a Stronger Jawline? READ MORE

Is there a reason my doctor would not give me Radiesse at the prejowl sulcus? (photo)

He said it would make it worse. That was my primary area of concern when I went in for fillers. I received 1.5cc of Radiesse at the nasobial folds and... READ MORE

What is the best minimum procedure to eliminate beginner jowls? (Photo)

Just had Radiesse at top of cheeks to fill loose skin under eyes. Discussing injecting Radiesse along sides of cheeks to lift the jowls and lower... READ MORE

What is the normal? (photos)

Hello I'm 43. And are looking into a facelift, in the future. But now want to do some fillers.. I need underneath my eyes done. The hollow part. My... READ MORE

This is my Radiesse 4 1/2 weeks for pre jowl culpus and I have a lumpy right side. (photos)

This is my Radiesse 4 1/2 weeks for pre jowl culpus and I have a lumpy right side. I was told to press on it and some days it's flared and some days... READ MORE

Perlayne left my right side of mouth bulky and uneven....left side was done really great. Why such a difference? (photo)

Ok, so it's been about 7-8 weeks since I had a Radiesse injection to my pre jowl culpus. My doctor injected Perlayne next to my mouth, marionette... READ MORE

Why do I have a lump on my jowl point 3 weeks after Radiesse injection? Will it go away?

I had Radiesse injected 3 weeks ago for prejowel culpus. I still have a swollen looking lump on my right side jowl point. I was told to press and hold... READ MORE

I'm a 28 year old male with jowly lumps around my mouth 2 years after receiving Radiesse. How can I reduce or remove it? (photo)

I had a small amount of Radiesse injected into the nasolabial folds 2 years ago. Two years later I still have droopy jowls around my mouth that I... READ MORE

Will a steroid mixture or saline injection help my overfill of Radiesse to Jaw line? (Photo)

One week ago Doc used cannula and placed Radiesse in my jawline to smooth shallow jowls.Jaw now has large lumps at the end of my naso folds. I look... READ MORE

How can I make my face look thinner without looking older? 5'3" 110lbs and always had a pudgy face. (photo)

Now that I'm 40 my jowls are starting to slightly sag and I have expression lines due to the fullness of my face. I had 2 injections of Radiesse in my... READ MORE

Radiesse in jawline and cheeks to help premature sagging and pre jowls? (photo)

I'm 27 and due to losing the roundness of my baby fat face, my jowls are already starting to sag. I also have a lot of skin in my neck area and... READ MORE

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