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Depressed Area After Radiesse

I had Radiesse injected on my forehead just to smooth out a crease and a little bit of a hollowness towards the middle. The area below the injection... READ MORE

Can Fillers Fix This Hollow Point in my Forehead? (photo)

I do not believe I have a prominent brow bone. If I'm wrong feel free to correct me. However, I am seeing an indentation above the brow bone and read... READ MORE

Radiesse Injected into Nose, but Forehead is Swollen in Long Narrow Shape?

I had a non-surgical nose job using Radiesse. Doc 1st injected Lidocaine, then 0.8cc Radiesse into nose. Right after injection, my forehead had dime... READ MORE

Radiesse in Forehead 18 Days Ago For Hollowing and Dents After Radio Frequency Treatment?

The problem now is that my brows have dropped with a heavy feeling in my brows pushing down creating a tired look and smaler eyes and if I smile the... READ MORE

What Kind of Bruising Appears After Injecting Radiesse Injections?

Hi doctor about a year ago my doctor injected radinesse because I had some very deep foreheadwrinkles.I had a big bump slightly bruised for a couple... READ MORE

Forehead swollen due to Radiesse injection onto nose bridge. Will it recover again? What else can I do about it? (Photo)

My forehead was swollen after radiesse injection to volume up my flat nose bridge. After 14 days the swell is still there. I went back to my doctor.... READ MORE

2 days PO, Huge Knot inForehead With Radiesse and (BMP) Bone Morphogenic Protein, is this permanent? (photo)

What is this? Dr. Frankenstein injected Radiesse mixed with BMP and an anesthetic two days ago. It is hard, painful and the swelling extends to my eye... READ MORE

Should I be concerned with the fact that she told me one would be enough and it was not? (photos)

I did have a consult with this injector prior to having my injection and she assured me 1 syringe would be more than enough to get me excellent... READ MORE

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