Can I Take Zyrtec, Pills for Allergy, While Taking Accutane?

Hello, I am on Accutane treatment for 4 months now and so far it has gone well (i had slight mood swings and sometimes blurred vision but nothing serious, i went to the doctor and we sorted it out). I also have allergy problems and have been taking vaccine for them and i sometimes use Loratadine when they get bad but the pills are not strong enough. My doctor approved the vaccine but hasn't told me about the allergy pills. Zyrtec always helped but i am afraid to use it now. Best Regards, Ana

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Accutane, Allergies and Zyrtec

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You can safely take the anti-histamine Zyrtec to control your allergy symptoms while you are on isotretinoin.

If your eyes become dry, here is a link for eye lubricants to make you more comfortable.

If your nose becomes dry, use a sterile saline nasal spray and apply a thin layer of vaseline or Aquaphor to the nasal mucosa.


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Accutane and allergy pills

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You might encounter increased dryness because of the drying effect of antihistamines but there should be no problem beyond that. 

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