Can I Take the Pill Every Alternative Day?

currently, im taking oratane( 10mg isotretenoin) everyday with DUAC cream apply every night for about 9 months already and i have cleared skin after doing it for few months.And my dad suggested me that to reduce the intake by skipping the medicine a day ... and then slowly quit it because he was afraid of the serious side effect that might happen on me.. but is it encourage?and should i skip??

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Taking Accutane every other day

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You need to discuss dosage changes with your physician. If you go to an every other day dose, you will be on the medication twice as long as planned. 10mg is the smallest dosage anyway and your side effects should be very limited to dry lips and skin (maybe). But 10mg is such a low dosage that going to an every other day dose won't change much, other than make your regimen twice as long.

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