What Happens if I Stop Accutane on my 4th Month?

Its all pretty clear now. I just want to know that it wont come back.

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Stopping Accutane early-NOT recommended

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You should continue your Accutane therapy for 5-6 months. It is not recommended to stop taking any medication until your doctor says its okay. Staying on the medication for one more month will not hurt you, but stopping medication prior to its physician recommended date is very risky.

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When to stop Accutane

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Consult with your prescribing physician. You shouldn't stop Accutane until you've completed a full regimen. What we find is that many people stop taking it when the acne clears up, which means they never actually take enough of the medication to fully combat acne in the long run. A normal course of Accutane is 8000-16000mg. Consult your physician before you stop as you may just be stopping the current acne, and not stopping the long-term problems.

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