I'm currently on Xarelto, would I still be able to get a tummy tuck?

Back in November 2015 I developed a pulmonary embolism in my right lung due my birth control pills..I was coumarin for awhile but the blood clot had gotten so big it wasn't dissolving..so i had to get surgery may 2016 and now im currently on xarelto and may be my entire life..are my chances of getting a tummy tuck over?

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Xarelto and tummy tuck

Your answer is very surgeon dependent. Xeralto certainly increases your risks of bleeding and having complications after surgery. If you are otherwise in good health and your cardiologist thinks you are a good surgical candidate, some surgeons are okay with surgery, others would be rightly cautious.

Talk to a board certified plastic surgeon near you and get their opinion.

Good luck! 

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on what you truly need. You would not be able to come off of the medication at all, if you need a mini tummy and no muscle repair, could probably be done. IF you need full tummy with MR, probably a bad idea. 

Tummy tuck

I would not recommend undergoing cosmetic surgery on Xarelto. Your risk of bleeding is greatly increased.

I would talk to your doctor and see how long you need to be on the medication. If the Pulmonary embolism from caused by taking BCP you most likely will not have to be on it for life. 

Deborah Sillins, MD
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Tummy tuck?

Thanks for your inquiry.  You would need clearance from your hematology and close supervision with your plastic surgeon.  The risks are higher and you need to really be certain the benefits outweigh the risks, good luck.  

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I'm currently on Xarelto, would I still be able to get a tummy tuck?

It would not be wise to do a tummy tuck while on a blood thinner. You need to be evaluated by a plastic surgeon and hematologist once you are off blood thinners to assess your risk for surgery. In some cases, a mini-tummy tuck can be done under local anesthetic with minimal risk. 

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Xarelto and tummy tuck

Sorry to hear about your PE.  With such limited information, it'shard to give you good advice. The fact that you are on a blood thinner for such a long time makes me suspect that you have some sort of clotting disorder.  If that's the case, elective surgery is not your best choice.  You should discuss this with the doctor who is managing your Xarelto.

Victor Ferrari, MD, FACS
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