2 weeks out of surgery. Eyelid is extremely high and unnatural. Left crease is 9mm from lash line, right is around 8mm (Photo)

Significant swelling has subsided, I know my eyes will still deswell more with time, but I'm really worried about the unnaturally high crease. Makes me look like a different person. Is it possible to revise crease to a lower more natural crease? Maybe bring the crease down to 5mm?

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Eyelid result after two weeks


It's normal to have some level of anxiety about your results after undergoing surgery. Two weeks just too early to evaluate what type of result you're going to have. You should have a good sense of your eyelid position after about 10-12 weeks, although your wounds will continue to heal for up to a year postoperatively. Be patient and see your surgeon frequently so he or she is aware of your concerns and can advise you appropriately. Good luck.

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It is possible to revise your surgery.

However, it is far too early whether you are going to have a long term problem or not.  At two weeks, you are about 8 weeks from knowing what type of result you are going to have.  I am concerned that you have lash ptosis and this suggest that no anchor blepharoplasty was performed.  Having said that, it is simply too early to know.  Please repost in about 8 weeks and let us know how you are doing.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
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Crease at 2 weeks

You are way too early to consider a revision. You likely have a lot of swelling and need to heal. Be patient with the results.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Crease position after Blepharoplasty surgery

you are correct in that it is too early to predict the final result. Wait a few weeks (8-10) for the swelling to improve further and re-assess with your surgeon.  At that point looking at the pre-operative photos and discussing your concerns would be more meaningful. 

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