Is it possible for me to get, "hunter eyes" through surgery? (Photo)

1. Is it possible for me to get, "hunter eyes" through surgery (eyes that will look like the example outlined in green, after the surgery)? 2. If yes, which procedure (s) would I need? 3. Please provide a brief analysis of my eye area (general thoughts) Deformities, irregularities etc... *Pupil color changed for privacy Thank you for your time and consideration.

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I am just surprised that my colleagues do not understand what is going on here.

You have upper eyelid ptosis with significant compensatory eyebrow elevation.  Your eyebrows are likely to relax once the ptosis is corrected.  However, I think it is unlikely that the brows will be as low as what you are demonstrating in the model photo.  That model is probably squinching which is a voluntary lowering of the eyebrows to create an interesting look.  I do not recommend using botox to freeze your frontal muscle.  This will cause the brow to fall but the eyelids will be so heavy that you are not going to be happy.  Try to find an eyelid surgeon who understands ptosis and eyebrows.

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Hunter Eyes and you

The eyebrows that you are terming "hunter eyes" are sitting below the orbital rim. This is a masculine appearance and is termed "ptotic" or droopy brows. If you think you might want this, try some forehead botox and ask for your brow to be lowered. Happily, this is temporary and would give you a chance to try out this look.  My guess is that you will not like it on your face. 

One thing the hunter eye picture has is a nice rise to the outside of the eyes. In regards to your face, the sides of your eyes (lateral canthus) are a little low. If that was slightly elevated, you would look more like the hunter photo without a brow malposition.

Anyways, fun question - thanks for posting. I would recommend seeing a reputable facial plastic or oculopalstic surgeon to give you an in-person evaluation.

Best of luck from Manhattan's UES.

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"Hunter's eyes"

Thank you for sharing your question. The eyelids you prefer have eyebrows which are ptotic (droopy). Lowering your eyebrows to the position shown would be inappropriate. From the photos, your eyelids look fine. See an experienced Oculoplastic Surgeon for comprehensive evaluation and discussion of possible treatment options.  Good luck,

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