I have been wearing dentures for 40 years, can I have implant retained dentures fitted?

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Snapindentures or ALL ON 4 from NobelBiocare

yes you have a solution , snapindentures can be a great affordable solution, with minimplants you will get to have a strong result , they snap in and out, and can be done , without no roof of the palate, or if you have enough bone and want something screwretained, ALL ON 4 from Nobel can be also a little more expensive solution, 4 implants are set , 4 implants with a screwretained bar , that will go connected and you do not take them out. 

Implant-supported dentures

If you are in good health and have sufficient bone volume, you are a good candidate for either implant-supported dentures, or "all-on-4" where a fixed bridge in each jaw is permanently supported by 4-6 implants.  At times, if you do not have sufficient bone, you will still be able to get the implants after more bone is "added" to your jaw and/or your sinus spaces.  You may need to consult a reputable oral surgeon, gum specialist, or a well-trained general dentist to get an opinion.  Ultimately, you should consider this instead of putting up with your dentures while your jaw bone keeps on "shrinking" making it much more difficult to treat. Hope this helps.


Implant Retained Denture

As long as you have sufficient quality and quantity of bone to place implants, you can have dentures that are implant retained. You would need a CT scan of the upper and lower jaws to determine the type of bone you have and based on that, see if you're a candidate. 

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