For my "Boxy Tip" Do I Need Rhinoplasty or Tip-plasty? Thank You!

I am concerned about my bulbous tip especially from a 3/4 angle. My skin is thick enough. In your opinion do the bones need to be broken? Can a refined nose be achieved? Thank you in advance, Helen.

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Correcting a Boxy Nose Tip

If you are happy with every other aspect of your nose including the way you breath and the tip is your only source of unhappiness then all you you need would be a Ztip Rhinoplasty. In your case, the Lower Lateral cartilages making up the twin arches of the tip would be refined by removing a short upper segment from the top of each arch. The narrowed arches would then be further refined and brought together with stitches. A very reasonable and achievable cosmetic goal. 

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