My Six Year Old Has a Scar Above His Upper Lip. How Will It Heal?

The scar is about a month old and is still a little red. About the size of an adults finger nail clipping. A small metal pipe poked into his skin above his lip just under his nose. Just about where his mustash would grow if he was an adult. I put neosporan on it till the scab fell off and then started using Mederma faithfully. I am real upset about my sone face. Will it strech over time somewhere else on his face?

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Pulsed dye scar laser for lip scars in children

Treatment of childhood scars on the upper lip with pulsed dye scar laser (PDSL) is a viable option if you are concerned about the scar. 

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Upper lip scar healing

It's impossible to assess this without a consultation. You haven't noted if the laceration was sutured or healed secondarily In either case, eight weeks is the height of the inflammatory portion of the healing process so you need to give it time. I would not recommend Kenalog injection into the face of a six year old as this is a painful process and inappropriate for small children.

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How will the scar heal?

It would be easier to evaluate the scar by seeing it.  However, if the scar is just redness and no change in skin texture, eventually the redness will fade.  If you notice any raising of the scar, please take your son to see a dermatologist, as he may need an injection of Kenalog if the scar is becoming a keloid.

Scars can stretch in areas of constant tension.  The skin right under the nose is not such an area.  And to add, children's skin heals amazingly well.  For now, if it's just redness, chances are good that it will just fade.

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