Lip Piercing Scar Removal? Is It Possible to Remove or REDUCE a Scar Left by a Past Piercing?

I had gotten my bottom left lip pierced in early 2007. I removed the jewelry about fourteen months later, around mid 2008, and I noticed that a scar was left behind. I'd like to know if there is some surgical procedure that can REDUCE or remove (somewhat) this scar? Please be straight forward with me, I don't mind. There is only one picture that I've took in order to give you all a closer look at what I want changed. Sincerely, Drew.

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Revision of lip piercing scar

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Once the skin has been lacerated full thickness there will always be a scar. The goal of scar revision is to replace it with a more aesthetically pleasing scar. The scar can be excised and the area reclosed. In your case an ellipse containing the entire scar would be excised to remove the depressed area in the center of the scar tissue and even out the contour of the chin.

Lip Piercing Scar

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Once you have a scar, you will always have a scar.  The goal of the plastic surgeon is to make the scar less  noticeable.  In your case, you have an indented scar from the piercing.  This scar could be cut out in a fashion that would leave you with only a thin flat scar rather than an indented one which should be less noticeable.  The procedure could be done under local anesthesia in an office setting.

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