Belly button leaking after open umbilical hernia repair (Photo)

I had major open surgery to repair my umbilical hernia my cut seems to be healing fine swelling has gone down as it's now 16 days the last few days started leaking from my naval first was bleeding slightly now it'sfluid it doesnt smell but seems to be more than it was days ago iv seen a nurse and she has packed it and I'm to go back tomorrow I went yesterday I can see the packing is covered I am worried has iv never had surgery before so don't know if this is normal or something to worry about

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Drainage two weeks after surgery

Thank you for the question and photo.  Drainage from any incision about two or more weeks from surgery should be evaluated by your surgeon.  Small things such as blistering or a suture extrusion can be common but seroma formation and infection, especially if mesh was used, may also be also be the source of the drainage.  Having your plastic surgeon take a look and make some recommendations is important.  Sometimes a small problem can be easily fixed before it becomes a larger issue.

Good luck with the rest of your recovery.

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