Are Workout Supplements Okay to Take with Accutane?

I'm a bit of a female gym rat... I lift weights and was about to incorporate work out supplements into my regemin. I currently take fish oil 2x daily and a multi vitamin and the occasional whey protein shake. I am looking into purchasing Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) Supplements, pre-workout for energy and BCAAs for recovery.. I know that I do have to change my multi vitamin so that it no longer includes Vitamin A. Was just wondering if I can take the above things? I know creatine is a no.

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What supplements can I take while on Accutane

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It depends on the dosage of your Accutane what you can or cannot take, really. I don't have my patients stop taking multivitamins even if they contain Vitamin A because those are usually low mg of Vitamin A. If they take just a Vitamin A supplement (not in a multivitamin), I have patients stop that. Other supplement usage will depend on discussions with your prescribing physician. So before you add or change anything, consult with your prescribing physician.

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