Hit my nose after rhinoplasty - very worried?

i had revision rhinoplasty a month and 10 days ago.However i fell and hit my nose rather hard, it bled, and it swelled up a lot 10 days post op.my surgeon said there is no major damage done to my nose, no dislocated bones( i had grafts to my tip for lenghtening and narrowing of the tip cartilages and bridge) my nose is still very swollen 1 month after the hit and it hasn't gone down to its small previous shape.there are no other concerns. will my nose return to its shape before i hit it?

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Your nose will be fine....99%

I have practiced for over 30 years and have done many many rhinoplasties. I have had patients hit their nose in fights, in car accidents, in domestic assaults, and in trips and falls. Only one ever did any damage and that was a guy who had a rhinoplasty, got roaring drunk, hit his wife and she in turn popped him right in the nose with a right hook. I had to take this bleeding guy back to surgery at 2 am. No fun but he ended up fine. I do not know about the marriage. The point is that it is extremely rare for any trauma to really damage a nose during the healing phase. It is possible so check with your surgeon but I bet you will be fine. MY Best, Dr C

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Hit my nose after rhinoplasty - very worried?

You had your exam by your surgeon. It will take months to determine the final result.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

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Kenneth B. Hughes, MD
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Nasal swelling after rhinoplasty and trauma

I am glad to hear that you surgeon felt your nose was not damaged from the fall. In general noses can stay swollen for quite some time after surgery. While most swelling will subside in a few months, some swelling can and will persist for a year and sometimes more.

Steven Wallach, MD
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