Anything You Can Do for Hematoma Lumps and Bumps After Facelift? (photo)

I had a facelift 3 weeks ago and had a Hematoma a couple hours after surgery, My Doctor drained it but as the swelling is slowly going down the lumps and bumps look terrible. I also have a droopy eye. Is there anything I can do to speed recovery? . My Doctor informs me that I look fine at this stage for what I've been through and it will take up to 6 months for them to go down. The thought of looking like an alien for the next 6 months is a little hard to take.

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Hematoma After Facelift

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A hematoma after a facelift is a known complication.  A hematoma that occurs within 3 hours of a procedure is suggestive of a rapidly expanding hematoma, usually associated with high blood pressure.  If this clot is left beneath the skin flaps, fibrosis can occur, which will lead to a lumpy, bumpy look.  Although your Surgeon is correct that this look will resolve over time, certain measures such as steroid injections can help speed the process.  The swelling on the left side of the neck and under the chin depicted in the picture shown may represent a seroma, which is a break down of blood products into a clear, straw colored fluid.  A return visit to your Surgeon is probably the best idea to dicuss  your options and for reassurance.

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Massage and time

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Thank you for the question and photo.  If the irregularities are caused by residual hematoma massage, time, and possible aspirations by your plastic surgeon as the hematoma turns into a seroma.  It is possible however the some of the irregularities are from the facelift itself.  If this is the case it might take longer for things to smooth out.

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Dr. Remus Repta

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Lumps and droopy eye after facelift

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Hematoma after facelift is, unfortunately, a known possible complication and occurs in a small percentage of individuals. Increased bruising and some skin irregularities may persist for some time. Your doctor is correct that it will take a few months to improve, however, each day it will get a bit better. You may want to talk with your surgeon about massage and camouflage make-up.


Good luck!

Dr. A

Asymmetries After A Facelift

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You may experience small lumps and bumps after a facelift which are palpable but typically not visible.  Speak with your surgeon if there are any concerns and see if there are any solutions to improve your early result.

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Lumps or bumps after facelift

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Dear AlwaysKim,

  • Little irregularities can occur after facelifts but they are temporary
  • Try massaging the areas throughout the day to soften them up
  • 3 weeks is still early, you should see some significant changes in the next 2-3 weeks as well
  • It is hard to see the droopy eye, I would first compare before and after pictures to see what they eye looked like before

Best regards,

Nima Shemirani

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Bumps after facelift from bleeding

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Bleeding and hematoma after facelift is uncommon, but blood pressure issues, nausea after surgery, medications and even some herbal supplements can contribute. Drainage is followed by full recovery and a great, though delayed, result. Ultrasound can be helpful to best up any thick areas or bumps, repeated on a weekly basis.

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What kind of a facelift did you have?

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If you had a hematoma  right after surgery and your doctor opened up the incisions and drained out all the blood and stopped the bleeding, you should look like nothing happened most of the time.  If they just milked the blood out or suctioned it out without opening it all up, there may be enough residual blood that the healing is much slower and the potential for scar tissues developing is much higher.  I would stick very close to your doctor and be seen by him/her at least every couple of weeks for a while and maybe consider massage or very dilute steroid injections to soften the hard areas if they think this might be helpful.

Healing after a facelift

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Generally speaking, it can take 6 to 12 months to completely heal after surgery. Please keep in touch with your surgeon or his/her clinical team to discuss your ongoing concerns.

Ross A. Clevens, MD
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3 Weeks after Facelift and Hematoma Drainage

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    Anytime a significant hematoma must be drained this can set back healing at least a few weeks.  The blood is an irritant to the tissues and the swelling that ensues is more significant.  Massage and time will be necessary as well as observation for fluid collections or repeated small hematomas.

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