Will a wider nose make my eyes look closer together?

Hello. My nose is very very narrow and pinches a bit in the center of my bridge. I have had a consultation, and I have been told that my nose would be more compatible with the rest of my facial features if it was made straighter and a bit wider. I actually agree with this, but I'm worried because my eyes already look a bit too close together in my opinion, and I am concerned that making my nose a bit wider will make my eyes look even closer together. Do you know if this will be the case?

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Effect of radix height on appearance of intercanthal distance

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Actually by lowering the bridge of your nose between your eyes (radix) you will observe the opposite effect: your eyes will appear further apart.  Raising the height of the bridge and making it more narrow would cause them to look closer together.  

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You need to be seen

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It is impossible to answer this question without seeing you in person. Usually noses are made narrower not wider --- but many things can be done, it all depends on what your nose looks like and the structure.  

William B. Rosenblatt, MD
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Will a wider nose make my eyes look closer together?

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This would be difficult to comment on what should be done without exam or pictures.

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