3 weeks post drainless tummy tuck: Every day over 100ml fluid drains. Is this normal?

Hi. I had a full drain less TT with MR on 10/10. A week after I went to my PS I could feel some fluid in my tummy. He insert a seroma-cath. Since then I have every day more than 100ml fluid. First it was very dark and now it gets brighter but the amount doesn't change. I do wear my compression garment 24/7. I try to rest a lot but why do I still accumulate so much fluid. On Monday it's 3 weeks already. I don't fell sick and the fluid looks uninflected. What is wrong with my healing process?

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Post operative fluid collection

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Thanks for your question. It sounds like you have developed a seroma. This is the development of a fluid collection under the abdominal skin. It can happen even if your surgeon used drains. You are doing everything right. Continue to follow up closely with your surgeon and do what you have been doing. The good news is the fluid collection doesn't appear infected. If you started developing fevers/chills or redness to the skin let your surgeon know immediately. If the collection continue your surgeon might perform sclerotherapy (injection of some chemicals within the fluid collection to shrink it down). Best of luck! 


Surjit S. Rai, MD

Dallas Plastic Surgeon 

Fluid accumulation

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Thank you for the question, and I hope you're feeling well.  Although most drainage ceases after 2-3 weeks, some patients do have drainage that persists for 3 weeks or longer.  It sounds like you are doing everything you can do to decrease the output, and this may require some patience and follow up with your surgeon.  Most importantly the fluid is being drained and is not infected.  Don't get discouraged and stay in touch with your surgeon.  Have a blessed day!

Soumo Banerji, MD
Houston Physician

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