Why Did I Get White Heads on my Nose After Rhinoplasty?

After I removed my cast,tiny white heads appeared around my nose,is it normal? How should I solve it,and my nose seems to be more greasy, it's been 3 weeks since I removed my cast...

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White heads on your nose after Rhinoplasty Surgery will completely resolve with time.

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It is common to get blocked pores in your nose from the dressing that remained for a week or longer. The dressing may prevent drainage of oil and sebum from your nasal skin, and you may see either white heads or black heads. In my practice, a microdermabrasion is offered one month after Rhinoplasty to open up closed nasal pores. If your surgeon is not able to help you, you may consider consulting a reputable dermatologist.

I hope this is helpful for you.

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Why Did I Get White Heads on my Nose After Rhinoplasty?

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The process of lifting the skin of the nose to access the underlying structure creates some short term changes to the external skin.  It's not uncommon for the pore size on your nose to increase in the short term over the first few months secondary to stretching during surgery and edema postoperatively.  A gentle cleanser is all that is needed and time.  Eventually this issue will resolve but it is somewhat normal for this to occur.  Hope that helps.

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White heads after rhinoplasty

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Some patients, especially with oily skin and large pores, tend to have difficulty clearing their pores when a splint and tape is in place.  The thicker the skin, the more likely this is to happen.  In some minor cases, it can be a reaction to the adhesive used by the surgeon though this is rare.  It generally clears within 2 weeks after the splint is removed.  Your surgeon may be able to provide you with an exfoliant to apply to your nose to help clear these spots but talk with your surgeon to see what may be helpful.

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