Wen I was 8 I had a compacted fracture on my chin from a head on collision. How much would bone grafting surgery cost? (Photo)

The right side of the tip of my chin compacted in the accident and caused me to get an underbite. (Lower jaw slid back in my sleep) Shadows cover the side when I am not smiling. But when I smile, the right side dips IN. I have 2 wear makeup 2 disguise the non compacted side of the point, so that my chin is smooth. Just a small dent in my jaw bone, changes it so much. The evidence is in the x rays.. Broken chin.. A seam and a sort of dent in my jaw. How much would bone graphting surgery cost?

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Hello, your question is a good one.  It is hard to tell exactly what is going on just by the images alone but there are several options to re-contour the chin.  Some involve modifying the bony structure while others involve the use of custom silicone chin implants versus soft-tissue fillers.  I would suggest the least invasive option first.  Sounds like the injury was quite some time ago and the bone defect may or may not be relevant.  Would need to see the images and evaluate the chin to make proper call.

You may consider an injectable filler treatment to restore symmetry and volume to your chin.

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Your photo appears to show that your right lower chin is higher than your left. Even though this may be due to previous bone-fracture, a well-performed injectable filler procedure may be helpful. We prefer to use Silikon-1000, an off-label filler for permanent results. Photo below.

Hope this helps you.

Dr. Joseph

Eric M. Joseph, MD
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