Can giant chin be reduced after mandible surgery and two mentalis suspension attempts? (photo)

I am in my late 30's and had initial surgery to fix fractured mandible 3 years ago and since have had two different mentalis resuspension surgeries to resuspend mentalis muscle. The last procedure seemed to widen my chin excessively and left me with much mass in lower face and very fleshy chin which seems as if chin is heavily padded now. Can anything be done to narrow the chin and reduce the excess tissue which hangs off of face? Am I too young for a face lift or is there other procedure?

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Submental Chin Reduction

Having had two intraoral surgeries with residual soft tissue and widening of the chin, you need to consider an alternative approach. The other option is a submental chin reduction technique where the chin bone can be narrowed and excessive chin pad soft tissues removed and tucked. Additional pictures would be needed to determine if this would be a good approach for you.

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