What are some options with getting rid of a cleft chin? (photo)

What would be the best option at the same time I want a more feminine silhouette with my chin while getting rid of the cleft

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What are some options with getting rid of a cleft chin?

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   Muscle can be brought together to improve the cleft.  Fat grafting can be used.  Filler can also be used.  There are many ways to address this issue.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

Los Angeles, CA

Chin Cleft Reduction with Chin Augmentation

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Cleft chin reduction/removal is done by a combination of bone augmentation (if there is a cleft in the bone) as well as mentalis muscle plication with fat grafting. In cases where chin augmentation is also needed, this would serve as the method of obliterating the bony cleft. For a women, a central button chin implant would also help with reducing the chin cleft.

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