6 Weeks Post Op Rhinoplasty & I Still Can't Speak Normally, Should I be Concerned?

I have my rhinoplasty done (open rhino) six weeks ago and I have still some difficulty to speak properly. Per example I can't pronounce "b" or "p" well. Is that normal or there is a problem? Thanks for your answer(s)...

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Rhinoplasty and speech issues

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Are you saying that you are swollen and you upper lip is still a bit stiff?  This is possible, but without seeing you I could not say.

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6 weeks post rhinoplasty and speech problems.

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Your speech problems are not very common, although it can be from residual swelling after your surgery.

Did you have any other procedures done? Tonsillectomy, Sinus surgery, and or turbinate reduction? If you did not, I would ensure that a septal perforation is not present, which is a potential complication of rhinoplasty.

Follow up with your surgeon.

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