Can You Raise the Tip of the Nose by Tying It Internally? (photo)

Hi. I heard of a proceedure where the surgeon hooks the muscles in the face and pulls them back and ties them. I was wondering it the same could be done to raise the tip of my nose by a minimum of 0.5cm. Please take a look at the picture for illustrative purposes. I don't know what could be used, some kind of surgical thread? There would be no cutting and it would all be internal, only threading it through the tip of the nose and the cartilage in the middle of the nose.

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Raising Tip of Nose WIith Sutures

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A suture could be used to raise the tip of the nose but the result would probably be temporary if an incision was not made to remove a small piece of the septum above the tip and interrupt the surrounding ligaments.

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Can You Raise the Tip of the Nose by Tying It Internally?

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Yes, I have used this technique many times.  It's called an orthopedic suture that's combined with a trim of the superior section of the anterior septal angle.  It can be done as a stand alone procedure or as part of a full Rhinoplasty depending on what else needs to be done to the nose.

Tip of nose elevation

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There are many differnet techniques to improve the shape and position of the nasal tip. This usually combines suturing techniques with excisional techniques of the nasal cartilage.

Thread Lift for the Nose

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Techniques such as this are unlikely to succeed.  Short term results will probably meet expectations but a few months later the nose is likely to look the same as it did before the procedure.  The same concept has been used to bring in ears that stick out (otoplasty), to do facelifts, browlifts, eyelid lifts, and probably others.  I would consider these gimmick procedures.  As mentioned, tissues need to separated, repositioned, and then allowed to heal at the new position.

Internal Sutures in Rhinoplasty

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Most of these techniques are very limited in the degree that they can change the appearance of the nose. Skin has the tendency to stretch with tension and it is likely that most of these will fail over time. Rhinoplasty works because it removes and released tissues and sutures them in a new location. The tension is removed from the equation. If you choose this direction, make sure that the surgeon can show you a number of long term results showing sustained improvement. 

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