How Soon Can You Wear Sunglasses After Rhinoplasty?

Hi I just had my nose done a little over 3 weeks ago. A week after the surgery, the nurse at my follow up appointment said it was okay to wear sunglasses again. At first it hurt, but I started wearing them again about a week and half after my surgery. However, I've read online that you should wait at least four weeks! Now I'm so worried that I may have messed up my nose. Is that possible?? I keep on staring in the mirror and convincing myself that I've messed it up or made it crooked...

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Sun and Glasses after Rhino

In general, your nose has less natural protection from the sun right after rhinoplasty. All the tissue was just elevated off of the internal structure of the nose, including the bone and cartilage, and blood vessels were coagulated in order to do this. There fore we weakened the nose's natural defense since we weakened its blood supply. This blood supply grows back , but it can take quite a bit of time to happen. In the first 6 weeks, your nose is less naturally resistant to UV rays and is more likely to burn and get discolored. Also, since your nose is mostly numb early on, its less likely that you are to notice the problem until its too late. I recommend you stay out of the sun as much as possible in the first 6 weeks after surgery. If you are in the sun for short periods of time, stay in the shade, and wear a big hat and a good sunblock. Do not wear sun glasses in the first 6 weeks, or any glasses for that matter, if osteotomies were performed, (breaking of the nasal bones). You can get your nose wet as soon as the splint comes off, but I would be careful about chlorinated pools early on until the incision is fully healed an more mature, as the chlorine can irritate the incision. The gym and anything that increases you blood pressure will increase the swelling of your nose and delay your healing time. I recommend 6 weeks for this as well. Sometimes it can take longer for your skin to mature, even a year and more in some cases.
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Pablo Prichard, MD

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Perhaps we are over-cautious but we advise no glasses of any kind for 6 weeks from the day of surgery. Why take chances?

Daniel G. Becker, MD
Voorhees Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Wearing Sunglasses after Rhinoplasty

I usually tell my patients not to wear sunglasses for 2 weeks after rhinoplasty and then use very light frames that avoid direct pressure on the nose. Listen to your body - if they irritate your nose, don't wear them. It is unlikely you did any harm.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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Sunglasses Following Rhinoplasty

It is possible unfortunately. I normally tell patients to avoid sunglasses for about 8-10 weeks following rhinoplasty where we have reshaped the bone or done any bridge work. The only time I clear them for wearing glasses before then is if we only performed a tip rhinoplasty. My concern is that the glasses can cause a shift in the underlying bone and/or cartilage, thereby compromising the surgical result. If your nose indeed has shifted slightly from the glasses, you can also remedy the situation by exercising the nasal bones back to the desired position. I would certainly consult with your rhinoplasty surgeon to help guide you in this process. Good luck.

John M. Hilinski, MD
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Wearing glasses 3 weeks after nose job (rhinoplasty)

It really depends on what was done. If the only thing that was done was the tip or only rasping of the dorsum, wearing glasses will do no damage. However, if you had agressive osteotomy with infracture, then use of glasses could theoretically displace the bones if significant force was applied at 3 weeks. Keep in close contact with your doctor.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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Wearing Sunglasses Post-Rhinoplasty

You don’t want to irritate or put extraneous pressure on your new nose too early in the recovery, as your nose is still extremely sensitive. I would advise you to wait about 4-6 weeks after your nose job to resume wearing glasses. Since you are three weeks into your recovery, you are not far from that mark. Just be patient with your recovery- the longer you wait, the better.

Sam Rizk, MD
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Quick Answer: 4 Weeks

We recommend that patients don’t wear sunglasses for at least four weeks following rhinoplasty.During this period, the nasal bones aren’t totally healed and slight pressure can cause distortion, indentation and secondary nasal deformities.
When patients are dependent upon their sunglasses, alternate strategies are occasionally necessary.When nasal splints are present, eye glasses can be placed directly on top of these stable structures without concern.The splints are usually removed after the first week and other approaches become necessary.
We often recommend taping the glasses to the forehead.In some cases, additional padding can be attached to the nasal eye glass pads as well.
When patients require eyeglasses to function, these maneuvers represent a significant disruption of daily activities.With this in mind, it’s important to remember that the benefits of rhinoplasty will last an entire lifetime.

Richard J. Bruneteau, MD
Omaha Plastic Surgeon
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Wearing sunglasses after rhinoplasty

Depending on the type of rhinoplasty performed and whether or not any work was done on the nasal bones themselves, it is quite possible you did no damage to your nose by wearing sunglasses. Consult with your plastic surgeon just to make sure.

Olivia Hutchinson, MD
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Glasses and Rhinoplasty

I usually will consider allowing patients to wear glasses at the four week point.  Definitely they can 6 weeks after surgery.  This is based on if  osteotomies were done.  The best thing you can do is stop looking in the mirror and visit with your plastic surgeon to assure that you healing process is going well.

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Sunglasses After Rhinoplasty

Hi deutschess,

By three weeks after rhinoplasty your nasal bones should be well healed, and it is okay to wear sunglasses, preferably light weight sunglasses.  Most likely you have not done damage to your nose, but see your rhinoplasty surgeon for exam and reassurance.  Good luck, enjoy your new nose, and be well.

Dr. P

Michael A. Persky, MD
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