Weak Chin and Big Ball on It Best Solution? (photo)

I have always had a weak chin with a ball on it which only appears when I close my lips together, when I am smiling it is fine. I also have quite a hard time closing my mout fully as I feel like my chin pulls back (not sure if that makes a lot of sense). I'm wondering what the best solution for this is? I wouldn't want a drastic change but if I could get rid of the ball at the end of my chin it would be great! Also would anyone recommend a chin implant?

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Sliding Genioplasty To Reduce Chin Ball and Increase Chin Projection

The ball on the end of your chin is the mentalis muscle which is bunched up due to straining from the shortness of your chin. The best solution is a chin augmentation but not with an implant. A sliding genioplasty to move the bone forward and up with not only increase chin projection but will create better lip incompetence and reduce the mentalis muscle strain. (from trying to get lip competence)

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Chin 'ball'

Your facial growth pattern has a 'higher slope' to the jaw; so the lower lip and upper lip do not touch naturally at lip rest. The 'ball' is the action of the chin muscle/mentalis, to lift the lip and close the lips together. The most complete solution involves a 'shortening' of the height of the chin (ideally combined with orthodontic surgery?) and advancing the chin to some degree; but a chin implant will not do this for you; a sliding genioplasty is necessary.

Botox can minimize the 'bunching' of the muscle, but it is a less ideal solution.

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