Can Chin Implant Make My Face Look Much Longer? - Medpor 3 Weeks Ago

swelling has gone down a lot but now im left with a very long skinny face that has aged me. My PS said he projected my chin to bring my chin forward not and friends have also said it looks like my face is much longer.....Can a Medpor chin implant make my face longer? Is it some kind of swelling that I dont notice and my face will go back upwards and become fuller again? I've lost my youthful appearance. I'm really concerned and worried and my PS is not giving me any answers. help!

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A chin implant can make your face look longer but you are still early in recovery.

Hello Kitty81,

Thanks for your question.  You are very early from your chin implant surgery.  Yes, depending on the vector of placement of your chin implant, it can give you a more elongated look to your face.  But, in general, those that need chin implants have relatively short lower 1/3's of the face accentuating facial age.  When you elongate the face it tends to make it look like you have better bone stock, reducing your apparent age.  I have to admit that the pics that you uploaded look fine to me.  I don't see a significant change from the photo views you have included.  I would just be patient and give yourself some more time to heal.  After 6 months, you may be better able to make an objective comparison by viewing your Before and After pics with your plastic surgeon.

Good luck,

Dr. Shah

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Chin implant making face longer

Chin implants can cause swelling that takes sometimes months to go down. The majority of surgeons place the implant under the periosteum (covering of the bone) which causes the tissue around the chin to swell. This swelling can exagerate the projection of the chin implant and lengthen the face.  A short course of an oral steroid can help the swelling to go down quicker. I would wait a minimum of 3 months before considering any modifications to the implant. Best wishes.

Manuel A. Lopez, MD
San Antonio Facial Plastic Surgeon
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