What will happen if I workout before 4 weeks post-op subglandular breast augmentation? (photos)

I just had my implants of 14yrs replaced 3 weeks ago due to rupture. My original implants were sub muscular and saline. My new implants are subglandular and silicone. I had a hematoma of my right breast and needed surgery and drains 2 days after surgery. I'm an avid fitness freak and want to workout. When is it safe to do burpees and push-ups again? Can I start now since it's been 3 weeks? What are the consequences of working out too soon post-op?

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Working out too soon after Surgery

Consult with your surgeon about the types of activities that are acceptable post-surgery. It is important that you not engage in strenuous activities in the first three (2-3) weeks after surgery. My own personal recommendations to my patients are start walking as much as you want to, as soon as you want to. Then progress as desired tohigh-reps, low-resistance exercises. Slowly progress for6 weeks, after which time there are no restrictions. I advise my patients torefrain from strenuous physical activitysuch as heavy lifting with your arms or jogging for 6 weeks. Aerobic exercise will raise your blood pressure, which could cause late bleeding and harm your result. Once you begin exercising again, start gently and let your body tell you what it can tolerate. Don’t rush!! It is important that you follow your doctor's instructions so that you get the best aesthetic results.
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Exercise after above the muscle augmentation

Thanks for your pictures. Based on the detail of your recovery I would not recommend exercising for another three weeks. I would definitely lean on your surgeon's judgment as to when you can . I would be concerned that you would develop another hematoma since this is already complicated your course once.

What will happen if I workout before 4 weeks post-op subglandular breast augmentation?

Why are you asking us over the internet docs? We did not do the surgery! Best to ONLY follow your chosen surgeon's post op recommendations..... 

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Working out after breast augmentation

I tell my patients that are healing without complications that they can start light aerobics and 3 weeks and heavy lifting at 6-8 weeks. You are best to ask your surgeon his thoughts. 

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Working out after subglandular reaugmentation

As much as you would like to get permission here, this is something you should clear with your surgeon.  Your recovery was complicated by a hematoma already... find ways to burn calories without bouncing your chest or using your chest muscles and make sure you have your surgeon's blessings to resume activities as he/she is ultimately responsible if you are cleared and something adverse happens.

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Working out with subglandular implants

It is best to avoid all activity for 2 weeks and wait to resume upper body exercise until 4 full weeks after surgery. Because you have had a hematoma it is important to limit activity and follow to instructions of your ps. Hematomas can occur for several reasons but one of those is an increase in heart rate and blood pressure can cause swelling and fluid accumulation in the breast tissue, which then has to be removed in a second surgery. Returning to intense exercise too quickly can put you at risk for another hematoma. It is best to refrain from heavy lifting, tugging, pulling etc. for 4 weeks after surgery. 

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