My lip feels restricted after chin implant. Any suggestions? (photo)

I had a chin implant(mouth incision)/neck lipo five weeks ago. Numbness is almost gone, except on the right side of my lip, and directly under it. My concern is that my bottom lip comes very high now. I really want my smile back, or I am taking this thing out. It feels like when I push my tongue around the inside of my lower lip that there is a slope where in the middle there is less space for my tongue. How can I fix this and is it normal?

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Restricted lips after chin implant placed through mouth

Early post-operative questions related to cosmetic surgery are best discussed with your plastic surgeon. Five weeks may still be relatively early for many plastic surgery procedures, including a chin implant combined with neck liposuction. It's possible that this is normal healing for you. Intentionally smiling, puckering, and stretching the lips and chin area may alleviate similar symptoms in some patients. It's difficult to provide specific answer to your question, but you should review with your surgeon either way.

Dr. Chaboki

Washington DC Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Healing Post Chin Implant

Thank you for your question. What you are experiencing is very normal as part of the healing process of a chin implant. For some patients it can take up to a year to feel like themselves again and not notice differences due to the chin implant.
Accentuated smiles and puckers act as physiotherapy for this. Keep your surgeon informed as to your progress and concerns. You should be fine.
Best wishes.

Greg Chernoff, MD
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My lip feels restricted after chin implant. Any suggestions?

Still very early i healing phase. Allow 3 months before seeking a change............................

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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I think the best thing to do is to see your surgeon and let them know about this situation. The implant might need to be adjusted. 

Majid Jamali, DMD
New York Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon
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Changing of the Laura live position after chin implant

 Thank you for your picture. Yes the physician a real live does change a bit. You must decide which is more important your smile or your facial profile. Unfortunately with the surgeries there are trade-offs. 

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