Is Extra Swelling at 7-8 Weeks After Tummy Tuck is Normal?

I wasn't that swollen before, even if I'm still wearing my spanx during the day. The swelling is mainly above and around the belly buttom.

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Swelling after tummy tuck

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It can take up to 6 months for swelling to subside for some patients, particularly if a full tummy tuck was performed. 

Tips to help swelling:

drink fresh water and go to the washroom regularly
cut down on salt
leisurely walk around to keep your circulation going
wear your compression garment as advised
eat a healthy and balanced diet

Please talk to your surgeon if swelling is of particular concern, especially if you just noticed it getting worse. They may be able to help you with advice specific to your situation. Best of luck!

Swelling after tummy tuck

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Hello there.  It is normal to have swelling after tummy tuck.   You see most amount of swelling between 1-2 weeks postop; then, you should see the swelling decreasing gradually.  If you were happy with your result 2 days after your procedure, I think you will be happy with your final result in 3-6 months.  You should continue with compression garment as instructed by your plastic surgeon.  Best wishes.

Swelling at 7-8 weeks post tummy tuck

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It is unusual for swelling to get worse at 7-8 weeks, especially while wearing compression spanx.   I would recommend visiting your plastic surgeon to ensure there is not a fluid collection or other issue.

I wish you a safe recovery.

Paul S. Gill, MD
Houston Plastic Surgeon

Is extra swelling normal

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No, generally not.  Activity and salt can increase swelling, but you may have a seroma especially if the swelling is persistent.  Have your plastic surgeon check it out to see if you need to have it drained.

Brian Dorner, MD
Columbus Plastic Surgeon


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It can take at least 6-8 weeks for your swelling to resolve, sometimes much longer if extensive liposuction or tissue removal was performed.  Continue with your compression garments and followup with your surgeon as scheduled.  I'm sure you'll love your results once you are fully healed!

Dr. Basu

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