Bonded tooth that was a peg is loose?

I had a peg tooth growing up(one of my lateral teeth). I eventually got the tooth bonded. For the last 3 years it has been causing problems. Since my peg tooth was so skinny, I have a very small root. Although my bonded tooth has made my tooth rounder and obviously not as tiny, only a small part of my tooth is actually attached to the gums. I recently got my gums cleaned bc they were inflammed. I was told I will need to get a porcelain veneer for the bonded tooth. Will my tooth still be loose?

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Peg Lateral Incisor

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Schedule an appointment with a dentist for a consultation.  An xray could be taken to give you the final prognosis of that tooth.  If it is sound you can do a veneer.  If not, you would be looking at doing an implant.  Best of luck.  


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It's difficult to answer your question without an x ray.  If your tooth is loose, veneer is not an option, you may need an implant or a bridge.  

Veneer for loose peg tooth #DrSarahThompson

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While a veneer for that tooth is much better than bonding, it is difficult to determine whether your root is strong enough without seeing your actual x-ray.  If your x-ray shows that your root is way to short, then it may be better to extract it and place a bridge there.  I hope this helps.  Follow me on RealSelf if you have more questions.

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Dear vikkis123:

Without looking at X-rays and a clinical examination it is impossible to give you any kind of opinion. The specialist in this area is called a prosthodontist. Look one up and go in for a second opinion.

Best of luck,

Peg lateral

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If your tooth is loose a veneer is not the correct answer. It sounds as if you need an implant. I suggest getting a second opinion on this topic. peg laterals often fail and an implant is the best way to restore the space.

Vicki Borowski, DDS
Dallas Dentist

Peg lateral loose

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Without xray, can only advise you based on your information.  Since you say the peg lateral has a short root, that is why it is most likely loose.  A porcelain veneer will not make it tighten up.  You most likely  need to have it removed.  Replacement with an implant and crown would be best way to replace it for longevity.  

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