Porcelain Veneers for underbite correction? (Photos)

I have a minor underbite that has always bothered me, so much so that I've had to train myself to smile differently. In the past I have had corrective braces to fix the majority of the problem but find myself wanting more. The underbite is not large enough for me to want jaw surgery but is it small enough for porcelain veneers to fix the appearance?

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Porcelain veneers could possibly fix your underbite, but it would likely take at least 20 veneers to do this.  I would recommend going in for a consultation.  Be sure to review the before and after photos of the dentist you select, so that you'll have a great idea of how your teeth will look in the end.

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Veneers will not work

Veneers will not adequately correct your situation. They would look very unnatural in your case and would not function properly.  The functional problems would lead to breakage and wear issues. Surgery is the only thing that will correct your mal occlusion.  You could visit a highly trained orthodontist to evaluate the possibility of extracting a lower premolar on each side and then retract the lower teeth and flare the maxillary anterior teeth which may have a chance at helping the underbite, class 3 mal occlusion if you absolutely will not do surgical options.

Underbite is not suitable for porcelain veneers treatment

There are some factors to evaluate a patient before having porcelain veneers.Underbites, edge to edge bites, crossbites, clenching and grinding patients, very wide gaps between teeth among others makes a patient not suitable for veneers treatment.
Underbites should be handled by an orthodoncist

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Underbite Correction: Veneers vs DNA Appliance

Ceramic Veneers are an excellent way to cosmetically correct the underbite look and create a wonderful smile.There are also some disadvantages to prosthetically correcting your smile with veneers.I would suggest also visiting a dentist who utilizes orthopedic appliances to grow the maxilla, I use the DNA Appliance.  You have a narrow maxilla (dark buccal corridors) that usually means orthopedic growth can be helpful but this can also be corrected with ceramic veneers. Frequently there is an anterior functional shift of the jawinto the protrusive position.  This bite can be caused by a tethered tongue (tongue-tie or ankyloglossia).You are probably well serve with multiple consults before making a decision  
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Dental porcelain veneers cannot fix underbite

While it may appear as a minor inconvenience, the photo shows a more severe underbite that is impossible to fix with veneers.  Veneers can act as "instant orthodontics" with very minor crookedness or rotated teeth, but bite changes require what is called a full mouth reconstruction, but even with that would have minor effects to this case.  It must be determined if your underbite is functional or skeletal.I would suggest an orthodontic and surgical consultation.

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