I want to do veneers. The whitest shade, very fake. The same like Kim Kardashian but whiter. Can I get it for 70.000? (Photo)

I want a dentist who see his work like art I am in my Real Life Barbie Transformation and i need the best dentist who perform often very fake teeth

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Whitest veneers

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You should easily be able to find many very excellent cosmetic dentists in the L.A. area that can give you a beautiful result with super white veneers.  No need for you to travel, some of the finest cosmetic dentists are in the L.A. area. You might contact Dr. Kevin Sands, the dentist that actually did Kim K's veneers!

Wanting whitest white #veneers #DrSarahThompson

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I'm not sure if traveling to St. Louis is possible for you, but it would not cost you anywhere near $70,000 at my office.  I would just give you the whitest white of veneers and ask for a fake smile that resembles Kim K.  At my office, I typically go out of my way to give people smiles that are super beautiful, but look natural.  In your case, making a smile look more fake would be easier for me.I hope this helps. Take a look before and after pics to get a good idea of what the dentist is capable of.  Any dentist that is really good at smile makeovers will have a bunch of before and after pics.  Follow me of RealSelf if you have any questions. 

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