Is It Possible To Vertically Shorten The Nose? (photo)

Hi, is it possible to shorten the nasal height between the eyes and base of the nose? I enclosed two pictures with different movements; picture A shows the base being lifted first via alar repositioning, then moving the columella and internal structures upwards. Of course, this would requre the tip to be rotated and possible grafts etc... Picture B shows the nose being angled outwards, causing it to protrude farther from the face but reduce the vertical height of which it takes up. Thanks.

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Nose can be vertically shorten

It is possible to vertically shorten the nose by lowering the glabellar area and trimming back the caudal septum.

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Rhinoplasty shortening

Thank you for your questions.  A large/long nose can be shortened by taking down the dorsum and elevating the tip.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Shortening the nose

Hi there,


Yes, it's possible to shorten the nose as you say.  It's a frequently used part of many rhinoplasties.

I recommend to understand realistically how you nose might look after a rhinoplasty, and to have a discussion around your preferences, to have a consultation with an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon who also utilises Vectra 3d imaging.  It's incredibly helpful.


Good luck.

Vertically Shortening the Nose

I agree with your drawings. The projection of the bridge can be reduced and the tip rotation increased with a rhinoplasty. Pictures of your nose would be helpful, but your goals seem very realistic.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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