I Can See my Septum on the Right Side of my Nostril After Open Rhinoseptoplasty. I Am Concerned?

Should I be seeing any of my septum after open rhinoseptoplasty? When I use a mirror I can see my septum on my right side. I cannot really see it on my left side. Does this mean my septum is still deviated or is this normal? Before surgery the Dr. said my septum was largely deviated. I am concerned. Thanks in advance for any advice.

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Visible Septum After Rhinoseptoplasty

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A visible septum after a rhinoseptoplasty is fairly common. If you are noticing anything out of the ordinary, such as pain or extreme discomfort, it is best to always speak with your plastic surgeon about what can be done to aid in your recovery. 

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Deviated septum and rhinoplasty surgery

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If you can see your septum in the right nostril and not the left it probably means that at the very least, the distal end of the septum, is deviated to the right side. I of course, could not confirm this without examining you myself. If this is the case, it most likely was deviated before surgery. While straightening a deviated septum can sometimes be challenging, it is extremely difficult to make a straight septum deviated with surgery. If your surgery was recently performed, you may need more time for swelling of the mucosa ( lining of the septum ) to subside.  

Persistent deviation after septorhinoplasty

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Based on your description, it sounds like that your septum may still be deviating to the right.  It's hard to say definitively without examining you, or at least seeing a picture.  Share your concerns with your surgeon, as I'm sure he/she will want to know how you feel.     

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Nasal irregularities after rhinoseptoplasty.

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Without photos to examine, or better the opportunity to examine you as a patient, this is difficult to answer.  In general, however, if you can see the septum on one side of the nose and not on the other I would say that your septum may still be deviated slightly.  Rhinoplasties are always a balance of subtleties on occasion, particularly when the deformities are great.  Go back and discuss this with your Plastic Surgeon.  I am sure a reasonable opinion would be offered, and if a revision would help this may be discussed.


Good luck.


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