Should I get a subtle lip lift? (Photo)

I know I need a revision rhinoplasty and I'm working on finding a doctor for that, I'm also wondering if a subtle lip lift would make me look better?

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Rhinoplasty and lip lift.

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I perform a lot of lip lifts and it is not unusual to see patients who have already had a rhinoplasty or need a revision. I would have liked to see a picture of you from the front and profile with your mouth slightly open to see if your upper lip covers the upper teeth when your upper lip is relaxed. I ask the patients to say "blaa" as they slightly open their mouth. This totally relaxes the upper lip. If your upper teeth are covered then a lip lift would be very helpful. The bulbusness of your nasal tip a the slightly hanging columella could be corrected at the same time. You would obviously need to be examined in order to validate these recommendations. 

Modified lip lift

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A conservative lip lift would give a very nice improvement to your lower face.  Lip lifts can be performed many different ways.  Modified Bull's horn lip lifts avoid the typical scarring you see with classic lip lifts.  If you see a nose and lip expert, both can be performed at the same time.  Make sure to look closely at the lip lift photos to make sure they look natural.  As far as nose surgeries go, you should take your time in choosing a surgeon.  Rhinoplasty can be a very rewarding procedure with a high satisfaction rate, but also has one of the highest revision rates because it is a difficult surgery.  As always, lots of before and afters!!  Best of luck

Ben Talei, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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